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How anime saved my life, growing up with the INFJ personality type

INFJ is my personality type – to keep it short, I am a Highly Sensitive Introvert. I discovered my personality type about 6 months ago, at age 23. Tears flowed, and I went through some major changes since then. Positive ones 🙂

My household growing up was filled with Extraverts, and I shared a room with my 2 ENFP older brothers, to say the least, I didn’t have very much alone time. Add school into the mix, and you should now have a slightly better picture of the amount of time I had to recharge daily.

Me, and my 2 older brothers.

Keep in mind that I had no idea that I was an Introvert growing up, my parents actually told me that they didn’t exist, and that we are all the same. At the time, I believed them. They even made it seem bad, like the tone of their voice and the confidence in their belief put the thought of being an Introvert into a negative light for me. I guess I didn’t have any reason to doubt them though, they were much older and wiser than me I thought. My “INFJness” told me to blend in to keep harmony, I couldn’t let the people around me know that I felt different.

In High School, home for me was a tiny ghetto apartment with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Privacy did not exist. And the environment outside was too shady to be hanging out in. I chose to stay inside all the time. I would come straight home from school by either walking, or taking the bus. If I walked home then I could use the money that my Dad gave me for the bus to buy a snack, which I did often.

My routine was to rush home, pretend and act like I was okay, put on my headphones, and lose myself in anime. It was the one thing that I looked forward to most during the day. The other thing was sleep, so I could let my imagination run wild.

When I would watch anime, I found that I would feel so much better. It was completely different than when I was at school, or when I was constantly putting on an “act” for my family/friends. Anime was my escape, it kept me sane. Not to mention that it was very interesting to me. The art, the language, the story, the music, the emotion, the personalities, I loved it all and was greatly intrigued.

I even went on to study Japanese for over 5 years now. And I still watch anime, as well as study regularly. I even recently started my own Japanese translation service!

My interest in the Japanese language and culture actually completely got me out of comfort zone as an INFJ. I guess my passion for it was greater than my fear of people. I even studied abroad in Nagasaki, Japan in 2015. I learned so much about other cultures and languages, the experience is something I wouldn’t trade for the world.

I visited my friend in Kyoto, Japan! 🙂

So thank you anime, for comforting me as a young INFJ, and then for getting me out my comfort zone as an adult.


Oh man, I’m starting to tear up a bit… I miss these guys. I think I really needed to write this blog post because I feel an amazing amount of relief right now haha

The 5 vibration

Curious, rebellious, and adventurous, the 5 vibration truly yearns for freedom. 5 is the number of change, opportunity, chance, and risk.

Where the 5 appears in a person’s chart, there will surely be a sense of risk. The 5 energy simply cannot be tied down, it is even rather unhealthy and potentially dangerous if a 5 were to be restricted for too long.

Restriction for any reason, whether it be in the workplace, at home, or in a relationship, will also restrict the innate abilities of the 5. This number works best when the bearer chooses to give into it’s power. The urge for freedom should not be suppressed, such is not healthy for the mind, body, nor spirit.

The 5 is quite the sporadic number, these individuals somehow seem to always be on the go. Even their mind works in a fast pace.  Dealing with the 5 vibration means you will likely have to deal with many different tangents. Such is to be expected when dealing with the free-thinking and adventurous spirit the 5 vibration brings.

5 also represents the 5 senses, and usually implies sensuality to it’s limits. Addiction is likely, be wary when it comes to pleasurable stimuli such as sex, alcohol, gambling, and overspending.

If bearers of the 5 vibration should seek success, they have no choice but to master the art of self-discipline. Being in control of one’s desires, and not losing one’s cool when a situation puts unexpected restrictions on you is key. Minimizing the addictive/negative traits, and embracing the positive ones should be one of your main concerns.

Travel is likely, anything to experience the thrill of change. They may even look for variety when it comes to relationships.

The 5 person believes that life is meant to be explored thoroughly, and to it’s fullest!

As long as they remember moderation, and not neglect the consequences for their sometimes “random” actions, life for the bearer of this number can be thrilling, exciting, and highly rewarding.

Do you know your numbers?


Introspection, and reflection

You see what you see, and you think what you think.

But not every human being sees or thinks the same.

So take your input (what you see, hear, etc…) and introspect.

Think before you judge or criticize someone.

Look within your self, and attempt to look within the other person.

Because only fools trust their eyes, unaware of the unseen.

Believing wholeheartedly, and yet shouting things they don’t even really mean…

How do I know if I’m an Introvert or an Extravert?

This may seem like a basic question but I have met so many people who have no idea what the two terms mean. Like I tell someone I’m an introvert and they just look really confused. I think introverts are the ones who care the most about the difference between the two, simply because they are usually the most misunderstood.

Silence doesn’t seem to be very acceptable in today’s society. If there is silence, most people assume something is wrong. I find that kind of sad to be honest, especially if an introvert is being harassed for not wanting to talk. So I want to shed some light on the difference between the two, to promote understanding and acceptance for all.


Your default mode of living =  internal.

Inside of your mind is a swarm of thoughts, you pick and choose what you wish bring to the external, this is when you speak. Unlike your extraverted counterpart, you generally don’t “think out loud”. It depletes your energy when you talk and interact with other people, you have to choose your words wisely or you will quickly deplete your energy. You cannot get caught up in the pace of the external, never lose sight of what’s going on inside of you. If you’re tired, take a break. You don’t have to talk if you don’t want to.

Being an introvert, and being shy do not correlate. Although you could say many introverted people just so happen to be shy. Just because someone is an introvert, doesn’t mean they are shy. They may be quiet for a reason, it’s wrong to jump to conclusions about what that reason is so hastily. Maybe they are out of energy, they can’t be social forever you know. Maybe they are thinking of what they want to say, or maybe they really are shy. Respect the fact that you may not know the answer.

Introverts may enjoy being social very much, they just can’t do it all the time.

So how do you know if you’re an Introvert?

  • Being social and interacting with others drain your energy
  • To re-energize you need to find time to be alone
  • You main mode of living = internal


Your default mode of living = external. You generally love to be around others and even gain energy from social interaction. Events and activities that have a lot of active involvement give you energy. Talking is one of your passions, you love to discuss your passions with your friends. Close friends, acquaintances, family members, you enjoy the interaction of many. You may actually lose energy and feel depressed if you are away from other people for too long.

Extraverts can be shy, outgoing, loud, or even quiet. They come in all shapes and sizes, and you should still be wary when it comes to assumptions.

So how do you know if you’re an Extravert?

  • Generally you are seen as an outgoing, or a people person
  • You get your energy by being around others
  • You love groups and social activities


Which one are you??

Leave a comment below!~

What is Depth Psychology, Myers Briggs who?

Carl Jung, Introvert, Extravert, Sigmund Freud, Collective Unconscious.

If you’re like most people, these words probably seem familiar. These are some of the fundamentals of Psychology that most of the general population is already familiar with, although many may not know the actual meaning of these terms.

In the early 1900’s, the term “Depth Psychology” was coined by Eugen Bleuler, the Director of Burghölzli Asylum in Zürich. Before Carl Jung would become known throughout the world for his research and contributions, he first began his career as a psychiatrist, working with the Director at the Asylum in Zürich, Switzerland.

Fun fact: In 1900 when Carl Jung began his psychiatric career at the Asylum, Albert Einstein was also in Zürich, finishing up his studies at the Polytechnic (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology)!! 😮

You could say that Depth Psychology takes Psychology to the next level. It puts the study under a microscope, breaking it into tiny parts that are ready to be classified. Jung believed that humans experience the world through four principle psychological functions – feeling, thinking, sensation, and intuition.

From this theory inspired Katharine Cook Briggs, and her daughter Isabel Briggs Myers, to create what we know today as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator(MBTI). Thanks to the hard work and contributions that these two individuals made, we can now classify and understand the personality differences between all of humanity.

ESTP, INFP, INFJ, ENTP, ect…there are 16 total personality types according to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. Each type is an abbreviation of 4 letters that each hold meaning.

For example: E in ESTP,  stands for Extraversion, and I in INFP stands for Introversion.

Eugen Bleuler created Depth Psychology, Carl Jung took it a step further. The Briggs family took it even beyond that. Not only that, they made it so it is relatively easy to understand and utilize on your own and in the professional setting.

Although somewhat widely know, and some organizations do indeed use it, I believe MBTI is currently underused on the professional level. It can potentially solve a enormous amount of personality induced misunderstandings in the work place, and it can create a harmonious environment filled with understanding and cooperation if used appropriately.

Whether it’s High School classrooms, or multi-billion dollar corporations, improvements towards human relations are possible through the understanding of the differences between one another. Through this understanding, various improvements on all fronts are  within the grasp of students, and professional organizations alike. 

Language barriers can be broken, silly misunderstandings that could cause an employee to quit can potentially be avoided. If students feel more understood by their teachers on a deep level, a potential increase of the potency of their studies and test scores are likely.

Personally, I am curious if there is a level beyond where the Briggs family took Depth Psychology.

Or if there are other branches of the study that are currently unknown, possibly taking the current understanding of the inner world of humanity to a whole new level, helping even more people!

Wow…something even more useful than MBTI?

Is the next Carl Jung about to discover a new psychological breakthrough during my lifetime?

Could I myself be capable of making such a discovery?

I think there is no reason to doubt myself. I believe my passion for depth psychology and things alike, will last a life time. So I believe it is certainly possible, as long as my passion and dedication never fade away.

We are all human. If you’re reading this, you are human too (Well I certainly do hope so). Einstein, Carl Jung?

Yup, seem pretty human to me!

Depth Psychology, Astrology, Numerology, and other studies that further self discovery taught me great lesson. It may because I am an INFJ too, but the potential of the people around me truly impress me sometimes, despite humans being so flawed.

Each human being, in a world filled with billions, has there own strengths and weaknesses. As an INFJ, I think I have the innate desire to want to bring out the potential of humanity.

So the lesson I learned was that any human being can accomplish great things. By discovering their true talents, abilities, likes and dislikes, they can enter a niche that will allow them to achieve great things. Each human being and each personality type has their niche. It’s up to each person individually to find that niche, and pour themselves into it. By doing so they can potentially benefit all of human kind, while still being rewarding and fun, because it’s your niche of course.

The 3 vibration

In Numerology, each number gives off a unique vibration. The number 3 is the number of creation. Optimism, imagination, self-expression, and charm are terms that can be used to describe the vibration of this number. The power of the number 3 is one that allows the bearer to create original solutions, that were previously unknown.

Many profound triads are represented by this number. For example:

  • Past, present, and future
  • The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit from the Bible
  • Birth, life, and death

Bearers of the number 3 are the artists of the world. Generally extraverted, they possess a strong desire to express themselves, and to spread joy to others. The gift of communication, both verbally and written, is something they rely on. It is a tool that they were endowed with in this lifetime.

Of course there cannot be positive without negative, no light without dark. Negative traits that are associated with the number 3:

  • Indifference
  • Mood swings
  • Lack of focus and concentration

Overcoming a lack of discipline is key for those who identify with this number. It is always possible to overcome the negative vibrations that may be associated with a number. Practicing optimism is a necessity, positive vibrations attract positive vibrations, the universe is always listening.

The 3 energy can cause manic depression if not used. When a 3 person is happy, they tend to make sure that those around them are happy too. If unhappy, they can spread the negative vibrations to those around them, thus making them unhappy too. It is vital that the 3 energy is utilized and not wasted, if properly utilized it can be very rewarding, even life changing. When artists use their skills to create an original work of art, they tend to manifest a part of themselves in the creation. It can give the artist an enormous boost in self-esteem if their creations are given positive feedback. Bearers of the 3 should strive to create their identity through their creations. By doing so, they will not only help themselves, they will uplift those around them as well.

The ultimate goal for  3’s is to uplift the condition of humanity. By simply expressing themselves, using the tools they were endowed with, they can spread joy to the entire world. Their purpose in life is to inspire others by showcasing their talents, and by being exactly who they are.