The month of 4 + the 4 vibration

The number 4 is all about dedication, focus, and practicality. It is a very good month to get all of that grueling work done, not only that, it is also a good month to be a teacher.

A few things you may want to get done during the month of 4 (April):

  • Learn a new skill
  • Finally read that book you’ve been putting off
  • Focus on self-discipline
  • Clean and organize

Basically, the month of 4 is a perfect time to lay the down the foundation of your life. Your career, your home, your health, these are all things that must be attended to so you can prepare for the future.

The upcoming month is a month of change. Things will no doubt get hectic during the month of 5. The foundation of 4 , will minimize the craziness of 5, and will allow the change to happen in a smooth transition.

The 4 vibration seeks security.  So in order for the 4 vibration to feel secure, you need to be a responsible person, right?

This vibration actually dislikes change in a sense. Change usually doesn’t make someone feel secure, as it usually takes a while to get used to. People who bear the number 4 can actually miss out on a lot of opportunities in life because of their need for security and fear of change. It may cause the tendency to stay inside of the lines, and to remain safe in their little haven they call home. They are serious individuals who are almost always practical in everything they do.

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The 7 Vibration

Inner knowledge is the core of the 7 vibration.

7 people may deal with bouts of loneliness and deep introspection during their lifetime.  These people are usually very wise and spiritual, often exceeding the norm. They have an aura of mystery about them, and can be quite secretive at times.

Often non-conformists, they have a strong need for independence, as well as a need for ample alone time to introspect. The path of a 7 is a path of truth and wisdom. The solitude is welcomed with open arms, for that is when the 7 vibration can show it’s true power. 

One of the biggest challenges for 7’s is the balancing of solitude and isolation. While it is good to have solitude, being isolated for too long should be avoided. This may cause anti social tendencies and loneliness, which in turn can activate the negative vibrations of the number 7. Negatively, the 7 vibration can be associated with being inactive, stagnant, depressed, prideful, and hypercritical. Too much of the 7 energy can cause a tendency of shyness, and you may have difficulty trusting other people.

The path of the 7 beckons solitude, and with proper balance, the true strength of the 7 vibration will be revealed to the bearer in due time. They may also have psychic tendencies, natural healing abilities, and often end up spontaneously teaching others.

The ultimate goal for the 7 is to utilize their very real need for solitude to seek truth and meaning in everything they do. The 7 vibration will spark the need for answers, if the bearer responds with a similar vibration, the power of the 7 will be granted.

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Your numbers are however just scratching the surface to discovering your true inner world. Have you seen your astrological natal chart before?

Do you know your personality type according to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator?

The competitive drive of the INFP and INFJ personality types


Competition for the INFJ personality type is a competition with the self. They dislike trying to be better than other people, and aren’t strongly driven by that kind of competition. However, their strength in competition comes from a strong inner desire to be a better, and more successful person than they were yesterday.

Given the right context and situation, it is possible for the INFJ to become very fierce in competition. Often, they can even come off as too intense to the average competitor. They have a strong desire for self improvement, and can be quite the perfectionist. They truly try to be the best that they can be, often with the end goal of helping others. The only way for the INFJ personality type to achieve their goals is to defeat the demon within. Anxiety, depression, and pessimism are common obstacles for the INFJ.

INFJ’s are very sensitive to conflict with others. Often they will throw away their own desires, or even lose an argument on purpose in order to keep harmony and avoid potential conflict. Potential is the key word here because INFJ’s are very future orientated, they have a good sense of prediction because of their Dominant function Ni (Introverted Intuition). This intuition of theirs, in combination with their Auxiliary function Fe ( Extraverted Feeling), orientates them towards people and sparks their inner desire for peace and harmony.


Competition is usually not a huge priority for those with the INFP personality type. They may enjoy playing a game to win, but only if everyone is enjoying themselves. The INFP passion is strong, if they do happen to discover a passion that involves competition, they can be fierce competitors.

An INFP being bested at something they truly care about can spark mixed feelings within. That one guy that simply must win at any cost, possibly even hurting others in the process, are the natural enemies for the INFP. The typical response in this situation for those with the INFP personality type is to become disheartened and quit, or to completely best that one obnoxious guy that ruins everyone’s fun. How strong the INFP is in competition can strongly differ according to the context of the situation and the people involved. It is extremely unlikely for an INFP to be a cutthroat tyrant when it comes to competition, even if they are clearly a peg above the rest. 

The business world can be very disheartening for the average INFP, the win at all costs culture that the Corporate world brings can completely turn off the highly idealistic and sensitive INFP. In general, competition is not something they are drawn to, and because of their need for deep and enriching emotional experiences, the amount of INFP’s found in such competitive areas are scarce.

I have not read this book personally but people seem to love it, might end up reading it myself eventually. For INFP writers, artists, anything.

However this one I actually read and I recommend for any INFJ writers out there.

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How anime saved my life, growing up with the INFJ personality type

INFJ is my personality type – to keep it short, I am a Highly Sensitive Introvert. I discovered my personality type about 6 months ago, at age 23. Tears flowed, and I went through some major changes since then. Positive ones 🙂

My household growing up was filled with Extraverts, and I shared a room with my 2 ENFP older brothers, to say the least, I didn’t have very much alone time. Add school into the mix, and you should now have a slightly better picture of the amount of time I had to recharge daily.

Me, and my 2 older brothers.

Keep in mind that I had no idea that I was an Introvert growing up, my parents actually told me that they didn’t exist, and that we are all the same. At the time, I believed them. They even made it seem bad, like the tone of their voice and the confidence in their belief put the thought of being an Introvert into a negative light for me. I guess I didn’t have any reason to doubt them though, they were much older and wiser than me I thought. My “INFJness” told me to blend in to keep harmony, I couldn’t let the people around me know that I felt different.

In High School, home for me was a tiny ghetto apartment with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Privacy did not exist. And the environment outside was too shady to be hanging out in. I chose to stay inside all the time. I would come straight home from school by either walking, or taking the bus. If I walked home then I could use the money that my Dad gave me for the bus to buy a snack, which I did often.

My routine was to rush home, pretend and act like I was okay, put on my headphones, and lose myself in anime. It was the one thing that I looked forward to most during the day. The other thing was sleep, so I could let my imagination run wild.

When I would watch anime, I found that I would feel so much better. It was completely different than when I was at school, or when I was constantly putting on an “act” for my family/friends. Anime was my escape, it kept me sane. Not to mention that it was very interesting to me. The art, the language, the story, the music, the emotion, the personalities, I loved it all and was greatly intrigued.

I even went on to study Japanese for over 5 years now. And I still watch anime, as well as study regularly. I even recently started my own Japanese translation service!

My interest in the Japanese language and culture actually completely got me out of comfort zone as an INFJ. I guess my passion for it was greater than my fear of people. I even studied abroad in Nagasaki, Japan in 2015. I learned so much about other cultures and languages, the experience is something I wouldn’t trade for the world.

I visited my friend in Kyoto, Japan! 🙂

So thank you anime, for comforting me as a young INFJ, and then for getting me out my comfort zone as an adult.


Oh man, I’m starting to tear up a bit… I miss these guys. I think I really needed to write this blog post because I feel an amazing amount of relief right now haha