So I met this girl (part 1)

About 4 years ago on 3/03/2013 I met this girl. Let’s call her Valentine. It was at a college party, we were both sophomores I believe. Or she was a freshman. I always thought she was really cute. She was somehow different from the rest of the women around me at the time. I could never pinpoint why, until very recently actually. Like legit I didn’t figure out the answer as to why she was so different until a few months ago.

As you can imagine, and in a swift INFJ like tendency, I fell in love with her. Well, I dunno about love, but I had a pretty solid crush on her. Like, I would day dream about her and all that jazz. Anyway, I would end up seeing her at almost every party that semester. The solid crush, turned into something more. It felt amazing, the rush of intense feelings!


The significance of this date is the creepiest part. Like damn, you gotta realize how insane this really is.

In numerology, you reduce all of the numbers down to a single digit.

3 + 0 + 3 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 3 = 12

Then you have to reduce it even further. 1 + 2  = 3    !!!!!

Jesus! I met this girl on a date where there are 4 3’s. 3333

Like that’s absolutely insane because look at my lucky number.


Anyway, so at some point I started getting really direct with my feelings towards her. She was so cute omg…So when I would get really drunk (always), I would say phrases in Japanese to her that I had learned recently. Even though I knew she didn’t know Japanese. “Kissu shitai!” “キッスしたい!” “I want to kiss you!” I said to her, with a strong scent of wine on my breath.

My “thing” at parties was to show up with a cheap $3 bottle of wine and drink straight from the bottle. Sometimes I would bring 2 and drink them both, then I would drink the mandatory turn up shots of course. Anyway, Valentine didn’t know what it meant, but she seemed intrigued to say the least. She would go to her group of girl friends who actually spoke Japanese and would tell them what I had said. They looked at me in slight disgust, I didn’t care. I was drunk.

I think she enjoyed the attention I was giving her, and at some point we began to text. I don’t remember how I got her number, I was probably drunk at the time. My feelings escalated, as you can imagine. At some point, I believe the year after sometime in 2014, I finally built up the courage to ask her out.

Keep up with my blog if you want to hear more of this  story. It actually is really crazy, and kinda divine in a way. And it is ongoing, I recently started talking to the girl again, “Valentine”, and guess what, we met at a party! This time it was much different though, okay too many spoilers. Stay tuned 🙂



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