The 3 Vibration

In Numerology, each number gives off a unique vibration. The number 3 is the number of creation. Optimism, imagination, self-expression, and charm are terms that can be used to describe the vibration of this number. The power of the number 3 is one that allows the bearer to create original solutions, that were previously unknown.

Many profound triads are represented by this number. For example:

  • Past, present, and future
  • The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit from the Bible
  • Birth, life, and death

Bearers of the number 3 are the artists of the world. Generally extraverted, they possess a strong desire to express themselves, and to spread joy to others. The gift of communication, both verbally and written, is something they rely on. It is a tool that they were endowed with in this lifetime.

Of course there cannot be positive without negative, no light without dark. Negative traits that are associated with the number 3:

  • Indifference
  • Mood swings
  • Lack of focus and concentration

Overcoming a lack of discipline is key for those who identify with this number. It is always possible to overcome the negative vibrations that may be associated with a number. Practicing optimism is a necessity, positive vibrations attract positive vibrations, the universe is always listening.

The 3 energy can cause manic depression if not used. When a 3 person is happy, they tend to make sure that those around them are happy too. If unhappy, they can spread the negative vibrations to those around them, thus making them unhappy too. It is vital that the 3 energy is utilized and not wasted, if properly utilized it can be very rewarding, even life changing. When artists use their skills to create an original work of art, they tend to manifest a part of themselves in the creation. It can give the artist an enormous boost in self-esteem if their creations are given positive feedback. Bearers of the 3 should strive to create their identity through their creations. By doing so, they will not only help themselves, they will uplift those around them as well.

The ultimate goal for  3’s is to uplift the condition of humanity. By simply expressing themselves, using the tools they were endowed with, they can spread joy to the entire world. Their purpose in life is to inspire others by showcasing their talents, and by being exactly who they are.

Your numbers are however just scratching the surface to discovering your true inner world. Have you seen your astrological natal chart before?

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