How anime saved my life, growing up with the INFJ personality type

INFJ is my personality type – to keep it short, I am a Highly Sensitive Introvert. I discovered my personality type about 6 months ago, at age 23. Tears flowed, and I went through some major changes since then. Positive ones 🙂

My household growing up was filled with Extraverts, and I shared a room with my 2 ENFP older brothers, to say the least, I didn’t have very much alone time. Add school into the mix, and you should now have a slightly better picture of the amount of time I had to recharge daily.

Me, and my 2 older brothers.

Keep in mind that I had no idea that I was an Introvert growing up, my parents actually told me that they didn’t exist, and that we are all the same. At the time, I believed them. They even made it seem bad, like the tone of their voice and the confidence in their belief put the thought of being an Introvert into a negative light for me. I guess I didn’t have any reason to doubt them though, they were much older and wiser than me I thought. My “INFJness” told me to blend in to keep harmony, I couldn’t let the people around me know that I felt different.

In High School, home for me was a tiny ghetto apartment with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Privacy did not exist. And the environment outside was too shady to be hanging out in. I chose to stay inside all the time. I would come straight home from school by either walking, or taking the bus. If I walked home then I could use the money that my Dad gave me for the bus to buy a snack, which I did often.

My routine was to rush home, pretend and act like I was okay, put on my headphones, and lose myself in anime. It was the one thing that I looked forward to most during the day. The other thing was sleep, so I could let my imagination run wild.

When I would watch anime, I found that I would feel so much better. It was completely different than when I was at school, or when I was constantly putting on an “act” for my family/friends. Anime was my escape, it kept me sane. Not to mention that it was very interesting to me. The art, the language, the story, the music, the emotion, the personalities, I loved it all and was greatly intrigued.

I even went on to study Japanese for over 5 years now. And I still watch anime, as well as study regularly. I even recently started my own Japanese translation service!

My interest in the Japanese language and culture actually completely got me out of comfort zone as an INFJ. I guess my passion for it was greater than my fear of people. I even studied abroad in Nagasaki, Japan in 2015. I learned so much about other cultures and languages, the experience is something I wouldn’t trade for the world.

I visited my friend in Kyoto, Japan! 🙂

So thank you anime, for comforting me as a young INFJ, and then for getting me out my comfort zone as an adult.


Oh man, I’m starting to tear up a bit… I miss these guys. I think I really needed to write this blog post because I feel an amazing amount of relief right now haha


12 thoughts on “How anime saved my life, growing up with the INFJ personality type

  1. I also have the same MBTI type, so I couldn’t help to comment here! I also used to watch anime a lot during my uni days. Samurai Champloo. Hands down, top anime for me. Hip-hop + Edo Era in Japan is just… brilliant. Cowboy Bebop comes in at a nice second. Michiko to Hatchin at third. Dragonball sits in its own nice separate little legendary corner.


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    1. Ooo, and you’re into Japanese culture too?That’s awesome. I also really love Samurai Champloo. I actually only finished it earlier this year and I was quite impressed. Can’t believe I didn’t get around to watching it until just recently. The Hip-hop element definitely made the show unique. Whenever that beatboxer showed up I couldn’t help but smile.

      Dragonball is my all time favorite. And I’m currently watching Dragonball Super as well. It’s really good!

      Thanks for stopping by Paulo 🙂

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