The 7 Vibration

Inner knowledge is the core of the 7 vibration.

7 people may deal with bouts of loneliness and deep introspection during their lifetime.  These people are usually very wise and spiritual, often exceeding the norm. They have an aura of mystery about them, and can be quite secretive at times.

Often non-conformists, they have a strong need for independence, as well as a need for ample alone time to introspect. The path of a 7 is a path of truth and wisdom. The solitude is welcomed with open arms, for that is when the 7 vibration can show it’s true power. 

One of the biggest challenges for 7’s is the balancing of solitude and isolation. While it is good to have solitude, being isolated for too long should be avoided. This may cause anti social tendencies and loneliness, which in turn can activate the negative vibrations of the number 7. Negatively, the 7 vibration can be associated with being inactive, stagnant, depressed, prideful, and hypercritical. Too much of the 7 energy can cause a tendency of shyness, and you may have difficulty trusting other people.

The path of the 7 beckons solitude, and with proper balance, the true strength of the 7 vibration will be revealed to the bearer in due time. They may also have psychic tendencies, natural healing abilities, and often end up spontaneously teaching others.

The ultimate goal for the 7 is to utilize their very real need for solitude to seek truth and meaning in everything they do. The 7 vibration will spark the need for answers, if the bearer responds with a similar vibration, the power of the 7 will be granted.

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8 thoughts on “The 7 Vibration

  1. So you have my attention but I am forth in line. Still I wonder?, I was hit by car three times, 3 + 4 = seven. Some people say{whats your favorite number/} I say, “I don’t know, 7?”
    So APHR, how do I fix myself. Smiles.


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