The 2 Vibration

The 2 vibration desires partnerships of all kinds. This number grants the bearer unmatched abilities when it comes to peacemaking and diffusing conflict.

Unlike the 1 vibration which is all about leadership and independence, the 2 vibration takes a more gentle/cooperative approach when it comes dealing with people.

The number 2 is a symbol for duality – Geminis know all about this. The 2 vibration grants the bearer the ability to see both sides of a situation. For example, “light and dark, good and evil”, and they often act as a mediator between friends, family, and co-workers; acting with sensitivity and diplomacy in order to diffuse conflict.

Companionship makes these people happy. They will likely enjoy joining a club, making new friends, and being in a relationship. However, they may not have the easiest time in the world making these connections. Those who are fortunate enough to befriend one of these people are likely appreciate and respect their peacemaking qualities.

These people are usually quite sensitive and quiet. They may have “feminine” like qualities and can give off the impression of being shy. Those who bear the number 2 need to realize that they wield a lot of power and have many qualities that can greatly benefit the world.

They will find that their greatest success in life comes when they accept their role as a supporter. They should also strive to find a partner who accepts and praises these qualities in them. Their self-esteem will skyrocket and they will gain confidence in their own abilities.

They may deal with indecisiveness and pessimism on the norm. Their sensitivity can cause them to doubt themselves if they receive negative feedback/criticism for their actions.  They are true peacemakers and will naturally use their talents to promote peace and harmony in the world.

People who bear the number 2 have a lifelong goal of staying true to themselves. When they trust in their own abilities and accept their role as a peacemaker, the pessimism and negative qualities will dwindle, and the positive and gentle qualities of these people will truly shine.

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The Third Sign of the Zodiac – Gemini – May 21 – June 20


The Third Sign of the Zodiac – Gemini – May 21 – June 20

Ruler: Mercury  Color: Yellow  Symbol: The Twins  Element: Air  Quality: Mutable

Symbolized by the twins, Geminis are often known for having split personalities. They have a strong desire to communicate with others and their intellectual capabilities are top notch.

The moods of these people seem to change in the blink of an eye. They can be a bit confusing to understand as a result, and they are often unaware that they are the cause of such confusion. Only those closest to these people will truly understand and accept them for who they are – and that’s fine with them. Acquaintances will only catch a glimpse of a Gemini’s true personality and they will not waste time with anyone who slows them down.

The minds of these people work fast and their curiosity knows no bounds. They are often life long seekers of knowledge and truth. It can be hard to keep up with them at times as their versatile minds bounce from topic to topic by nature. These people are also very independent and they find it hard to sit still at times. You’re gonna have to make a real effort if you are trying to tie them down in any way. They move about the world like a gust of wind, you can’t catch them and they never fail to bring a breath of fresh air anywhere they go.

Their intelligence and humor can easily turn the Gemini into the life of the party. They are often known for their strong communication skills and this is explained by them being ruled by the planet Mercury – which governs thoughts, ideas, and communication. Not only that but they are an air sign too! Which means they are even more focused on ideas/communication, freedom, and movement.

Friendships with these people are often long term – they do not take friendships lightly. However, if you step on their toes too much and too often, do not complain when they switch you out of their inner circle without notice. Again, these people move fast. They like to be around like minded individuals who can keep up with their pace.

A big goal for these people is to learn how to slow down and breathe a little every now and then. They can be very fidgety and may have trouble sitting still. They also have a tendency to be superficial and hypercritical.

They know how to make money but they also know how to spend it. At the end of the day, most Geminis are actually quite smart with their money and often do well as entrepreneurs. However, they tend to be attracted to gambling and may act out at times with glamorous purchases or some major splurging.

Their appearance is important to them and they often express themselves by how they dress. Relationships are also very important to them but they constantly need stimulation from their partner or they can get bored quickly. They a need partner with substance, someone who can keep up. Once a Gemini finds a partner that will accept their many quirks, they will strive to make the relationship a deep one filled with honest communication and genuine understanding.

Extra comments:

My brother is a Gemini/ENFP. He is one of the most impressive people I know and he was one of my main role models growing up. His communication skills are admirable and he worked as an English teacher in Hong Kong for a few years. He is also the person who got me into Japanese culture/anime and suggested that I learn the language.  Oh yea, Geminis are also excellent at learning new languages. Both me and my older brother speak Japanese around the same level.

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The INFJ Personality Type


Often misunderstood due to their complexities, their mysterious aura never fails to bewilder onlookers and acquaintances.

These people are driven by an inner vision of the future possibilities generated by their dominant function – Introverted Intuition (Ni). To support this, they have their auxiliary function – Extraverted Feeling (Fe) – which orientates them toward people, tells them to keep harmony, and urges them to blend in with the surrounding environment.

This inner vision for the future involves people too. If you have an INFJ in your life that you are really close to then you can probably rest assured that you are included in their vision too. Unless of course, they secretly hate you because you crossed the line and broke one of their inner laws…

Anyway, this vision of theirs is completely internal and is kept hidden from all. Unless you can pierce the tough barrier that INFJ’s tend to always have up. But even if you pierce the barrier, it is highly unlikely that they will reveal all of themselves to you in one go. If you do manage to gain their trust then they will slowly reveal things about themselves, and then suddenly you’ll be connecting and relating about pretty much everything.

When it comes to making decisions, INFJs trust their intuition above all else. They do have support for this though, as their tertiary function – Introverted Thinking (Ti) allows them to apply logic to their decisions too. Thanks to this, people with the INFJ personality type are able to do many things, and their career possibilities are pretty broad. However, due to being a highly sensitive introvert, they generally tend to migrate toward more peaceful/introvert friendly careers. A career that allows them to utilize their Fe is highly sought after such as writing, music, counseling, teaching, and social work.

The previously mentioned combination of “Ni + Fe” also has a special effect that is unique to the INFJ personality type. It allows them to generate possibilities and insights about well, people! This is why the INFJ is often called the counselor. They have all of this great information to just dish out to people and they love to listen to real issues that people are going through. Small talk or mundane conversations are generally not of interest. What they really want to talk about are things with substance, or passion, something real.

An Empath is another word to describe these people. They are very sensitive to the energies and the emotions of those around them. They can feel what the people around them feel, and they can pick up on many subtle things that no one seems to notice. Again, this is explained by their Ni + Fe. As a result, if there is a lot of negative energy around a person with the INFJ personality type then it can directly affect them. It can even manifest into physical ailments if it gets really bad. On the other hand, positive energy is also mirrored. So they try to surround themselves with people who they can trust, and who bring positive vibes.

They can also be very moody. Like one second they are happy and smiling and then woah, now they’re depressed. What happened? Who knows…there are too many things that can affect an INFJ’s mood. It’s probably something that happened in the external environment however – someone is being too loud/negative, someone crossed one of their hidden boundaries, or maybe they are just tired.

The INFJ personality type is primarily introverted so they use up their energy when they are around people. Depending on the environment, their energy can near the empty mark pretty fast. When this happens then they will retreat into their head or just leave altogether. A big thing that can ruffle an INFJ’s feathers is when people don’t respect their need for privacy and alone time. They simply cannot be around people for too long, and if they need a few days to themselves then that should be respected and not questioned too much. Something to strongly avoid would be to make them feel bad about it.

At times, the image that these people project to the outside world is an extraverted one. Keep in mind that this is only when they are under the watch of other people. It is when they are around people that they switch on their Fe, almost like a mask. With this mask they can become outgoing, talkative, and can blend in quite well to many environments. They do much better in one on one conversations than they do in groups. They love being able to focus and relate to just one person, and a group just complicates things, plus it adds more things to worry about.

They are generally deeply concerned about humans on all levels. The state of humanity as a whole, the homeless guy down the street, their best friend from high school, and they cannot tolerate blatant injustice or unwarranted malice towards others.

Finally, INFJs also have Extraverted Sensing (Se) as their inferior function. They tend to dive into the wonders of Se whenever they are stressed and fed up with the world.This involves behaviors such as overeating, over indulgence in sensual pleasures, etc…pretty much anything that will allow them to relieve their stress.
An INFJ with well developed Se and proper self discipline will learn how to control those urges with time. Utilizing Fe is actually a great way for these people to express themselves and they generally feel a whole lot of relief when doing so.

 The functions

Dominant – Introverted Intuition (Ni)

Auxiliary – Extraverted Feeling (Fe)

Tertiary – Introverted Thinking (Ti)

Inferior – Extraverted Sensing (Se)

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For any INFJ writers out in need of help, I highly recommend the book below. I first read it when I decided to start writing and I still reference to it to this day.

It’s really useful for INFPs, ENFJs, and ENFPs too!

“13 Reasons Why” and the awkwardness between parent and child

There are no spoilers in this post by the way…I think?

So I’ve been watching the Netflix show “13 Reasons Why” and it makes me feel so awkward. Like the show gets pretty real, it shows things that I think most people are afraid to discuss on the regular, especially parents. The communication issues between the high school students and their parents made me angry – I guess because I can relate to them too.

Growing up I never felt completely comfortable opening up to my parents about sensitive issues. In fact, I could sense that my parents felt awkward about it too, especially my dad, and that made it even worse. I know my mom would attempt to ask me questions about my personal life, but I never really told her any details on a “real” level. I guess by my high school years it was already too late. I almost never discussed girls, or sex, or depression or anything like that with my parents during those years. If I did then it was only because my mom kept asking questions, but even then I always kept it very brief.

I personally feel like parents need to make it very clear from a young age that it’s okay to discuss “taboo” issues such as these. They have to make it feel normal so that their child will open up to them from a young age. Then, when the kids are in high school and they go through all of the shit that the real world has to offer, they can safely confide in their parents without all of the awkwardness and miscommunication. For example, If the child is feeling depressed then they need to feel like they won’t be judged, or misunderstood from the people most close to them. If they can’t even get that from their own parents then that’s when things such as suicide or drug addiction become a real possibility.

Also, parents need to stop thinking that their kid is always right and perfect and the smartest person who ever lived. Like I’m guessing that’s just how it is when you have kids and you want to believe that your child is perfect. But no…that even further alienates the child from the parent. If you always say how perfect your child is then when they actually get into trouble, or if they make a big life mistake then there is no way they can come to you and tell you straight up. This happened so many times in the show that it made me feel sick.

This show is the realist shit ever by the way. Drugs, alcohol, sex, rape, relationships, social class, money, depression, bullying, this show does not hold back. And although I felt pretty awkward at times watching this show, I felt like I needed to keep going.  The lessons to be learned, and the thoughts that are to be provoked from watching this show are priceless. Pretty much any age group can benefit a lot from watching this show in my opinion.


Oh and the personality types! The best part of any TV show for me. I loved that there was so much diversity in the types of people that were on the show. Sure, there was no visible INFJ in there but that’s because we are not really the norm. Is it just me or do INFJs get really absorbed into any tv show they watch? Sometimes I feel like what is happening to some of the characters is happening to me so I feel so distressed, angry and awkward. Must be the empathy?

Anyway, I am on the final episode now and I think I’ll finish it a little bit later tonight. This is gonna be so deep omg, I can already taste the awkwardness.


The 9 Vibration

Universal peace and love for all, the number 9 is the number of the Lightworker.

Born on this earth with a mission to serve, these people are always happy to lend a hand, and they often do so without motive. They are naturally optimistic and find it easier than others to bounce back from setbacks and disappointments. To some, they may give off the appearance of being larger than life.

This vibration will often test the bearer with trials and tribulations. It is not rare for a 9 to go through the lowest of the low in terms of living –  both real world and spiritual knowledge will reach a level of great wisdom during their lifetime. It is up to the bearer to use that knowledge and spread it to the world.

To spread their own vision to the world, with love, shooting arrows of enlightenment and peace, indiscriminately to all.

Altruistic to the core, they are at risk of becoming a doormat for others to step on. The optimal scenario for 9’s is to help others while not letting people step all over them. Do not mistake the previous doormat example for weakness because there is an unmistakable fiery spirit that accompanies a 9.

spirittttttaaaPeople with 9’s in their lives may have to deal with a quick temper and a tendency to lash out on others. They are often guilty of tuning out the opinions of those around them as well.

At times these people may withdraw from the world without a moment’s notice, but do not be alarmed, they are probably just trying to sort out their feelings and get more in tune with themselves. The true power of the 9 vibration may be hidden to those who only look on the surface. Those who judge too quickly may not be aware of the great depths of feeling and compassion within the bearers of the number 9.

This vibration tells the bearer to look within to reach a higher level of consciousness. These people are usually very wise and spiritual. They can be so in tune with themselves that they give off the appearance of being self-centered or selfish at times. It is believed that 9’s posses the ability to heal, whether it be through the touch of a hand, or art form.

Most people who bear the number 9 will naturally end up working in a field that benefits humanity. In fact, those that do will find that the reward will come in the choice itself. Creativity is also an attribute that bearer’s of the number 9 possess. Similar to the 3 vibration, those who bear the number 9 will have a strong attraction to the arts.

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Although many say that 3 is the luckiest number, others argue that title belongs to the number 9 which represents completion. The number 9 contains 3 number 3’s  ~ 3 + 3 + 3 = 9. It also combines all of the previous numbers, becoming a beacon for perfection and divinity.