The Seventh Sign of the Zodiac – Libra – September 23 – October 22


Ruler: Venus  Color: Blue  Symbol: The Scales  Element: Air  Quality: Cardinal

Libras are in a constant search for harmony and beauty in their lives. Symbolized by the scales, these people are level headed and prioritize balance over all else. 

Libras are well known for their social skills and charming nature. Natural mediators, they can’t stand it when there is conflict within their relationships. Libras are skilled when it comes to seeing multiple view points and like seek out a fair solution for everyone. When it comes to choosing sides however, these people can easily falter and become indecisive. They can become so focused on keeping peace that they will purposely withhold their own opinion. Ultimately, they just wish for everyone to cooperate and understand each other.

These people wield the element of air so they have a strong need to communicate with others. Libras prefer company over being alone and love to surround themselves with like minded individuals. Their ability to accommodate others is one of their strongest assets in this lifetime. They are intuitive people who are somehow magically able to sense the needs of those around them. Libras have a knack for making people feel safe and understood. In the working world, they are likely to excel in the group setting and often end up being the glue that holds the team together; they are the true definition of a team player.

Ruled by the planet Venus, Libras are naturally charming and find delight in the finer things in life. These people love to be romantic and delicate with their spouse. True romantics at heart, they are on a search for true love in this lifetime and will settle for nothing less. Libras have a strong need for partnership and their happiness will reach its pinnacle when they are able to surround themselves with trustworthy and loyal companions.

Your zodiac sign only scratches the surface, have you seen your astrological birth chart?


A serious message to INFJs

Do not let your INFJ label take you over. It can stop you from taking risks in life because you think you are suppose to act a certain way. You may think that you cannot do something just because you are an INFJ. It’s okay to learn from it and use it to understand yourself, however, once it starts holding you back you need to ditch the label and start looking within. Stop comparing yourself to other people, other INFJs in particular. Just because one INFJ is unable to do something, doesn’t mean that another INFJ is unable to as well. For any personality types for that matter. We are all individuals and our personality type or astrology sign or anything like that does not define us. They are only tools to help us understand ourselves.

Remember that at the end of the day there are no two individuals that are exactly alike. We are all at least capable of attempting whatever we want in this life because we are all human. We cannot be afraid of failure and we have to take risks. If you don’t even try then you’ll never know, no matter how well you may try to predict the future. It’s time to live in the present and start taking action here and now. A dream is truly only a dream if it stays in your head. It will remain a dream until you take action and start manifesting it in real life. Take. Action. Now.

So yes, you can become a stand up comedian. Yes, you can give a speech in front of millions of people. Sure, doing some of those things may be harder for certain personality types than it is for others. For INFJs in particular, it can be hell when it comes to breaking out of your comfort zone. The rewards however for doing so can be very great, especially for INFJs. These people have so much to offer to the world and it’s all just waiting, sitting there stagnant, right there inside of you while you procrastinate and complain. Soon enough, you start to get too comfortable and convince yourself that you are better off not taking risks. That comfort zone is so dangerous for INFJs because we can be so sure of ourselves sometimes. INFJs can literally convince themselves wholeheartedly to believe that something like staying in your comfort zone is the only way to live. They do all of this subconsciously too and may not even notice they are doing it. You may give up on love because you think no one will understand you, so you subconsciously convince yourself that you don’t need love. If you give up then nothing will change and you’ll just remain bitter and lonely. If communication and understanding is the issue, then you have to get so good at communicating that the other person will get you. You think people wont understand you but have you really tried? More than once? Like really? You can’t let fear of failure or being misunderstood stop you from trying.

Just sharing a bit of what I learned recently, the hard way.

The INFP Personality Type


infphoeAn INFP’s inner world is their life source, and at its core lies a passionate flame that is ready to engulf all things corrupt and inhumane.

INFPs are original, sensitive, and creative people who are very in tune with themselves and how they feel about things. They are very sensitive to conflict and seek harmony in their everyday living. Their dominant function: Introverted feeling (Fi) is their inner world and the source that guides their actions. If harming innocent children is a forbidden law within that world, then it is likely that the INFP will bring out that passionate flame and fight the injustice when they see it. They like to tackle things depending on how they feel, and logic tends to take a backseat in the matter.

Random example:

The task at hand will physically harm 300 innocent people, but it will get America out of trillions of dollars of debt.

Is harming 300 innocent people okay with the INFP’s value system? Most likely not. But America is in trillions of dollars of debt! This could change everything!…but innocent people…

Most INFPs would not only refuse such a task, they would fight against the injustice too. There is no reason why innocent people need to get harmed, despite the material benefits.

INFPs feel things very deeply, and just about everything is an emotional experience for them. These people actually need these types of experiences to feel sane. A world without feeling or depth is a sad world indeed for the INFP. Their tertiary function is Introverted Sensing (Si), meaning that significant experiences in their lives can make a life long impact. With Si, they can remember important past experiences (good and bad) and often end up replaying them in their head. This can be a comforting experience and it can also help them learn from past mistakes. They often combine this with their Fi to get a double dose of nostalgia and melancholy. However, this can be dangerous because they can get stuck in a Fi + Si loop. Being caught in one of these loops can get depressing and can seem almost never ending. They often completely neglect their auxiliary function: Extraverted Intuition(Ne) during one of these experiences.

As INFPs move about the external world, their inner world remains closed off as they take in the world around them via their auxiliary function: Extraverted Intuition (Ne). They rely heavily on their intuition and see the world in possibilities, or ‘what ifs’. To some, the INFP’s reliance upon intuition and feelings can seem irrational, or illogical. These people value authenticity in both themselves and those around them. People who are clearly fake or are projecting a false image are off putting to INFPs. They generally avoid these types of qualities when it comes to choosing friends. If an INFP lets you in their zone and starts ‘thinking out loud’ then that is a good sign that they feel comfortable with you.

INFPs will procrastinate hard when it comes to dealing with things that produce a bad feeling within. A stressed out INFP may cut themselves off from the world entirely and feel little remorse in doing so. INFPs are perfectionists and will often give themselves a lot of grief for making a mistake. These people are highly sensitive and try to avoid conflict whenever they can. However, their sensitivity can magically disappear when fighting an injustice or supporting a cause that they believe in. INFPs suffer from self doubt and can have a tough time taking action in the psychical world. Especially at a young age when their inferior function: Extraverted Thinking (Te) is underdeveloped. This will mostly likely be a weak point for these people until mid life.

INFPs are introverts and need time to themselves on a regular basis in order to recharge. It gives them time to think and sort through their feelings. Everything that happened throughout the day produced a different feeling within them, and they need to process those feelings. After processing those feelings, INFPs will feel energetic and ready to take in some more emotions. At their best, they often end up healing the suffering of others simply by lending an ear in a time of need. People love to tell all of their problems to INFPs, and they have a knack for putting people at ease. These people will make a great effort towards understanding people on a deep, non superficial level.

INFPs would likely enjoy working in a place that allows their natural talents for understanding and relating to others to blossom. They may not always desire to directly deal with people all the time, but work that involves helping people in some way is ideal. Their intuition is excellent at seeing the possibilities related to people and INFPs would likely do well in counseling, teaching, or psychology. These people are also very imaginative and would do well in a career involving artistic expression such as writing or music. Many INFPs report preferring written expression over verbal because of how natural it is for them. With their dominant function being an introverted one (Fi), these people are quite sensitive and may feel awkward when conversing in the presence of others (especially if they don’t know you).

INFPs need to have a purpose in their work or they will feel like they are wasting their time. Money alone is not enough to motivate these people to work hard. They often avoid dealing with mundane details and long winded explanations about how things work. They would rather just get straight to the point and hear how it’s going to help others and what they need to do to get things rolling. An INFP needs to find their own path in life, and when they do find something that ignites the fire within, their passion alone will become the beacon that inspires and heals all who come in contact.

The functions:

Dominant: Introverted Feeling (Fi)

Auxiliary: Extraverted Intuition (Ne)

Tertiary: Introverted Sensing (Si)

Inferior: Extraverted Thinking (Te)

For INFPs seeking a deeper level of self-understanding, this book will teach you how to grow as a human being and minimize your weaknesses. This book can also be helpful for every day living, career choices, and relationships. I have not read this book personally however the reviews on amazon look very promising.

Max 300

You keep moving but your fear will never stop. Max 300.

Lost in the music but the crowd fears not.

Sirens sounding and your heart beat stops.

Visions of success are near and the sirens get louder.

Heart beat pumping, moving with vigor and valor.

‘Fear!’ -a person from the crowd whispers.

Lost in the music but the crowd is not.

The red and the yellow, colors magnificent and hot.

Nearing the end and your heart beat stops.

‘I thought I could finish!’ – you thought, but you cannot.

Failure or success, keep going or let fear take a shot.

Your hearing is blocked, but the sirens…they are not.

The crowd lets out a *sigh* but you’re already too hot.

The end is here, success is near, but you stop. Max 300.

The 33 Vibration (Master Number)


This is the number of the Master Teacher. The potential of this number is almost limitless. Seeing someone who has drawn out the full potential is extremely rare. Controlling the power of this number is no easy task, and the negative vibrations can overwhelm the bearer more easily than other numbers.

Master teachers excel at self-expression and communication. They want to teach others the necessity of kindness and peace in the world. Their natural knowledge of how the world works is often far beyond the norm. They will not preach what they do not know, and are very careful with their words.

This number is often associated with martyrs and spiritual messengers; the 33 vibration is said to be associated with the Christ energy. The number consists of 3 + 3 = 6. The 33 vibration possesses the creativity and imagination of the number 3 and the responsible and nurturing nature of the number 6.

Those who bear it will act with sincerity and devotion in order to heal and teach others. Their teaching methods are usually far from ordinary and their word choice may be different from what you hear on a daily basis or in public media. They likely wont fit the common image that comes to your head when you imagine a teacher.

Without proper control over the power of the 33 vibration the negative characteristics of the number can take over. Negatively, these people can become selfish and overly focused on preaching their truth. They may not even listen to others, only believing that their way is the only way. They can also become uninterested in other people and give off an egotistical vibe.

At their best they are sacrificial and happy to serve those around them. They often feel compelled to devote themselves in whole to others for the greater good of humanity. Humanity will be their greatest concern, and knowledge their greatest asset.

Extra comments:

One of my closest friends from high school has the number 33 as their life destiny number. He also has life path number 6. The funny part is that he is actually a teacher to elementary school level kids. It’s weird because he is such a soft spoken person and I cannot really imagine him teaching, but he says he is good at it and loves it. He is also one of the funniest people I know. He graduated from college with an Art degree and is trying to make a career out of graphic design.

He is an INFP / Aries.

Do you know your numbers?

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