The 11 Vibration (Master Number)


The number 11 is associated with the visionaries of the world. Bearers of this number are often naturally spiritual, idealistic, and have a strong vision for the future. Their mission is to bring enlightenment and inspiration to all.

This is a Master Number so if the power of this number is misused or not used at all, the traits of this number can backfire on the bearer bringing negativity and self-sabotage. Master numbers are more powerful than other numbers and consist of:

  • 11 – The Visionary
  • 22 – The Master Builder
  • 33 – The Master Teacher

These people have their own unique perspective of life that is often far beyond the norm. This is both a blessing and a curse, but probably more of a blessing if the bearer chooses to utilize the power of this number. They have the tendency to feel isolated or ‘different’ from those around them and may give off a loner vibe. They are highly intuitive people who tend to see things that others fail to notice. Their intuition in particular is the most powerful out of all of the numbers and is often the main source of their power to help others.

Seeing the big picture in life is generally something that they excel at and they often feel compelled to express just what they see. They may not preach their vision to the masses in an authoritative fashion, but they will show the world in a way that is most comfortable for them. This could through an art form, fashion sense, or a career choice.

They are very goal orientated and often spend more time working than relaxing.  A lot of that work can be going on in their heads instead of actually happening in the real world however. They tend to overthink and this can lead to bad habits of laziness and procrastination. In general, most people would call them “high-strung” or “intense”, but this is because of their innate sense of responsibility. They feel responsible not only for making the most out of their own life, but for building up those around them too. A lesson they must learn in this lifetime is not to take on too much at one time because it will contribute to stress, anxiety, and depression(which they are very prone to). Maintaining a healthy and balanced life is invaluable for these people.

All in all, their energy is loving and caring, you could even call them hyper sensitive. Fights and disagreements between loved ones can be very upsetting to them. An important point for the bearers of this number to remember is to set an example for others to learn from. The number 11 is a very goal orientated number, so when the bearers of this number do not have a goal to set their focus on they can become very anxious and disoriented. It very important for these people to chase their goals in life, not only for themselves, but to lead by example and inspire others as well.

The number 11 = ‘ 1  +  1  =   2  ‘

So it contains both the power of the number 1 and the number 2. They can be thought of as an inspirational leader because of this as the 2 provides them with peacemaking qualities, and the 1 provides the qualities of a natural leader.

Do you know your numbers?


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