The 22 Vibration (Master Number)


This number expands on the previous Master Number 11 (The Visionary). Not only do they have a strong vision for the future, they have all of the necessary tools to build it too. Hence, they are given the name The Master Builder.

These people often have big goals in life and certainly have the power to achieve them. They are highly intuitive, idealistic, charismatic, and hard working. They posses the inspirational insights of the number 11, as well as the hard working and practical nature of the number 4.

This number is most often regarded as the most powerful number. It can potentially be the most successful too because it grants the bearer the ability to manifest dreams into reality. This number requires a lot of responsibility and it can become a lot to deal with at times, especially if they are not aware that they posses so much power. If they doubt themselves and start thinking negatively then their downfall is almost guaranteed. More than any other number the 22 vibration is dependent on the thoughts of the bearer. 

“With great power comes great responsibility” – Uncle Ben (Spider Man)

Wait, that quote actually originated from spider man?…Okay. Anyway, that is a quote that should be ingrained into the minds of these people indefinitely. It can seriously become an issue for everyone if bearers of the number 22 start thinking negative things about life. Even worse if they actually surpass being just a negative Nancy and become a full fledged criminal or terrorist. They can manifest just about anything they want as long as they envision it it and work hard. Thankfully, these people are often naturally idealistic but should one be pushed to the edge I wouldn’t want to imagine the outcome.

The 22 vibration beckons for great accomplishments. Why else would it contain so much energy? Big challenges for these people are feelings of self doubt and fear of failure. They are very big on not letting their loved ones down and that fear can consume them if they are not careful. Without the willpower to overcome those challenges the bearers of the number 22 can see their progress in life come to a firm halt.

All these people need to do is think positive thoughts, envision their goal, and work hard until they create the life that they have always imagined.

Extra comments:

Some interesting facts about my family:

  • Older brother number 1 (oldest) – Life path number 22
  • Older brother number 2  (middle) – Life path number 22
  • Me (youngest) – Maturity number 11
  • My dad – Maturity number 11

Very very interesting… with two 22s and an 11 my brothers and I can likely accomplish many great things if we combined all of our power. Especially because I can inspire them to set their thoughts on positivity and achievement (one of my special abilities).

I’m also fairly certain that numbers are passed down at birth. It could be completely random for all I know but there is definitely a connection. I’ve noticed it not only with my own family but from researching other people too.

Do you know your numbers? 


6 thoughts on “The 22 Vibration (Master Number)

  1. Thanks again, Austin! This is a wonderful article and helped me realize what kind of energy force I am working with in terms of my business. I have found interesting synchronicities that involved the number 22 and I definitely feel this force is with me. ❤ Blessings to you! Keep it up! ^_^

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  2. Thanks for this wonderful insight Austin. Even though I’m a numerologist myself, I love to receive other people’s perspectives and this post has come at the most perfect time in my life. I have a big influence with number 22 in my life, particularly at the moment and over the last year I have allowed the negative side of 22 to take control. Yesterday I was reminded of my power and ability to manifest the life I desire, and today I read your post, which has boosted my self belief. Self doubt is my biggest demon.
    Keep up with your wonderful inspirations, you are a powerful light amidst dark times 🙂

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