The Sixth Sign of the Zodiac – Virgo – August 23 – September 22

Virgoooo232Ruler: Mercury  Color: Green  Symbol: The Maiden  Element: Earth Quality: Mutable

Their attention to detail and strong sense of responsibility makes them the ultimate helpers of the zodiac. 

Virgo is ruled by the planet Mercury – the ruler of the mental world. Their intelligence is one of their greatest assets, and their practical and exacting nature is what makes a Virgo a Virgo. These people have a strong inner desire to dedicate themselves to a worthy cause that utilizes their strong work ethic and grants them a sense of self-worth. A Virgo that feels appreciated and useful is a happy Virgo.

Virgos want to get things done right the first time. If they fail to do so then you can fully expect them to get it right the second time because these people learn from their mistakes quickly. They are always striving to improve themselves both physically and mentally. Their appearance is very important to them and they try to maintain a certain public image. These people have a strong need to humble themselves around others and end up holding a lot of themselves back as a result.

More often than not, the side that the Virgo shows to the general population is much different than when they are with loved ones. A Virgo’s love for others is deep, but they tend to only show their true self to those who they really trust. Although they may not admit it, they often discriminate when it comes to choosing friends because they see the flaws in humanity so clearly.

The Virgo mind is powerful and always seems to be on overdrive. They tend to worry about the littlest things that others may not even notice. Anxiety and shyness are common issues for these people. Their tendency to overthink is what can make them seem like really uptight and worrisome people. They are very observant and notice the little flaws in just about everything around them. This does not exclude themselves either, as they are very self-critical and see the flaws in themselves better than anyone. Their need for perfection is both their biggest strength and weakness in life.

Virgos are the ultimate problem solvers and you can always count on them for some real down to earth advice. However, if you ask them for advice then be prepared to hear the truth and nothing but the truth. Likely, they already had this advice stored in their mind for a long time but stopped themselves from saying it earlier. If you cannot handle the honest and objective truth then you may want to ask someone else for help.

Virgos love to help others but if you try to take advantage of a Virgo or get in the way of their work then be prepared to get the cold shoulder. These people are often much wiser than they appear and are aware when someone is taking advantage of them. Virgos know how to give but they are not very good at receiving. A Virgo asking for help is rare sight indeed. Often, they would rather suffer silently than burden others with their problems.

Their independent nature is awe inspiring but is can also limit them without balance. It can cause them to become inflexible and cold to those around around them. Virgos have a life long goal of trying to balance their work life with their personal life. If love does not seem likely for them then they may just dedicate their whole life to their work. Again, this is where their independence and serious nature can really hold them back in life. However, once they find that balance and learn to loosen up every now and then they will likely be some of the sweetest people you have ever met.

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13 thoughts on “The Sixth Sign of the Zodiac – Virgo – August 23 – September 22

  1. Unlike quack astrologers, you have provided a rich psychological insight. Every star has got its unique characteristics and it is not easy to isolate this for one star and that for another star. Anand Bose from Kerala

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