The ISFP Personality Type


Logo_1498850076425ISFPs are modest, sensitive, and adventure loving people who live their life according to their values.

Those who identify with the ISFP personality type will be driven to do things depending on how they feel about them; this is because of their dominant function Introverted Feeling (Fi). Fi is the source of their strong inner value system and it guides their choice of actions throughout life. One thing that ISFPs fear the most is being forced to do something that goes against their values. These people need their independence and are often proud of their own unique style and originality.

ISFPs value harmony in their lives and strive to maintain certain feelings within. These people feel things deeply and are known for being quite sensitive, especially when it comes to conflict or criticism. However, they may not always express the depth of their feelings to the outside world and instead choose to bottle up their feelings on the inside. Artistic expression is a great way for them to show the world how they feel and they often do well in the art industry.

The source of their adventure loving nature is their auxiliary function Extraverted Sensing (Se).  Se is all about the present moment and the utilization of the 5 senses. ISFPs tend to always be aware of what’s going on around them at the moment, even when they are daydreaming or lost in their inner world. Se is also what makes these people unpredictable and spontaneous. ISFPs would rather leave their schedule open than plan their whole life out because that would be much too boring. Although they are introverted and tend to be quiet people, they have a fun loving air about them and are known for taking spontaneous risks.

ISFPs naturally combine Fi and Se. Fi is their default mode of living and it is all about peace and harmony. However, Se is all about action and taking risks which makes for a very unique combination. An ISFP with well developed Se will be great at taking action, especially when it comes to something they feel passionate about. Decision making in general is not a strong point for ISFPs but developing Se will definitely help in that regard. Fi on it’s own is very lax and melancholy so having Se to support creates an equilibrium that is essential for these people to function.

Their tertiary function is Introverted Intuition (Ni). This function is not the strongest of their abilities but it is there to support them nonetheless. With Ni these people can envision possibilities and potential improvements for the future. Their intuition is an important tool for figuring out which path to take in life but it can sometimes leave them idle and stagnant. Sometimes these people get stuck in a Fi + Ni loop which can get quite depressing. They may envision their wildest dreams coming true and how great it will feel when they accomplish their goals but will remain stuck in the loop, simply dreaming but unable to take action. This may feel like a safe place for them but ultimately nothing will change without them taking action in the present and making things happen. The only way for them to get out of the loop is to utilize their auxiliary function Se and start taking action.

The inferior function for the ISFP personality type is Extraverted Thinking (Te). This is their weakest function and very often brings out the negative characteristics of the person. When an ISFP is being bombarded with excessive criticism or negativity then that’s when Te will start to show. They will feel compelled to take control of the situation and defend themselves any way they can. Most often they will become aggressive towards whoever criticized them and will respond with their own criticism. Te will also show its self by taking unnecessary action that only makes the situation worse. Learning how to control their emotions and remain peaceful in times like these is a life long goal for people with the ISFP personality type and it will only get easier with age.

The functions:

Dominant function: Introverted Feeling (Fi)

Auxiliary function: Extraverted Sensing (Se)

Tertiary function: Introverted Intuition (Ni)

Inferior function: Extraverted Thinking (Te)

This book seems to have decent reviews on amazon for anyone looking for a more in depth guide. A few things that are explained in this book include strengths and weaknesses, career choices, and relationship dynamics.

If you don’t know your personality type then you can find out here


Brief thoughts on Astrology and Numerology: legitimate or hoax?

 Astrology and Numerology

I first got into researching these two subjects out of pure curiosity. I wanted to know if there was more to them than what I seeing with my eyes. However, I didn’t know what I was truly getting into until I ended up creating this blog. This blog is what caused me to turn my curiosity into something more…a passion.


First of all, Astrology has no scientific evidence or definite proof that it is real which already makes most people want to dismiss it at first glance. Those who sense any amount of truth in the study are not basing their belief on hard facts or logic, they are basing it on faith and intuition.

I personally believe that there is a lot more truth to this study than people realize. At the surface it is just zodiac signs and horoscopes and that’s what most people put their judgement towards. The world has been bending the study to be something that it’s not and at this point it seems almost impossible to reverse the current ‘world view’ of the subject. Without a way to prove its legitimacy, the majority of the world will continue to view it as nothing more than psycho mumbo jumbo and witchcraft.

I however do not doubt its usefulness will continue to study and utilize it just like I have been.


Same as Astrology, Numerology has no scientific evidence and will more than likely never have any during our time period. This study is much less popular than Astrology too and its premise is based on numbers which is already hard to believe. However, Numerology and Astrology share a connection as if they came from the exact same source.

Numerology in my opinion is extremely helpful for those who choose to give it a chance.

My personal benefit from utilizing it has been a life changing experience. Instead of doing what everyone else wanted me to do with my life it reminded me of what I am actually skilled at and enjoy putting my time towards.

My life path is 3 , the skills of creation and artistry.

My Life destiny is 8, the path of leadership and wealth.

My soul number is 5, the inner need for freedom and rebellion.

If you have even the slightest interest in Numerology then you definitely want to check out your 3 main numbers below.

  • Life Path – this is will you show what you really excel at in life and what skills and talents you should focus on to make your life a rewarding one.
  • Life Destiny – this and your life path go hand and hand. This will show you the path that you should take in your life and the things you need to accomplish to make you feel fulfilled and satisfied.
  • Soul Number – this will show you your most hidden inner desires that no one knows about (maybe not even yourself). It can show you what you truly value and need to motivate you through life.

Here is how you can check your own numbers:

For those seeking a full overview of Numerology – including the way it works, its benefits and uses, and origin. This was the first book I read when I was just getting started researching the subject and I highly recommend it.

This book on Astrology really opened my eyes to the depth of the study. There truly is much more to it than just horoscopes and zodiac signs. For people seeking to seriously understand how Astrology works and its uses then I recommend the book below.

The Ninth Sign of the Zodiac – Sagittarius – November 22 – December 21


Logo_1497987046694Ruler: Jupiter  Color: Purple  Symbol: The Archer  Element: Fire  Quality: Mutable

Sagittarius born are in a life long quest filled with exploration and the accumulation of wisdom; curiosity, honesty, and strength are traits that describe them all too well.

Ruled by the planet Jupiter, they seek expansion, knowledge, and wealth in this lifetime. Jupiter also endows Sagittarius with a life full of luck and optimism. Being a mutable sign, these people are always changing and transforming in hopes of finding their true purpose in this world. They are outspoken and truthful, but will listen to the opinions of others in hopes of furthering their own growth and knowledge.

These people are goal oriented in their living; when a Sagittarius sets their sights on something they want then they will use every fiber in their being to obtain it. Like an archer they steady their aim, prep their arrow, and release the shot with enough precision and mastery to kill. Sagittarius wield the element of fire and are endowed with strength, determination, and perseverance. These people need the freedom to chase their goals and live how they like or they will feel unhappy and restricted.

Sagittarius are independent by nature and have a strong need to satisfy their curiosity. Their adventurous spirit is the source of their wisdom because they tend to learn best from first hand experience. They are truth seekers to the core and are always searching for meaning in their life. Being the open-minded free spirits that they are, Sagittarius are almost always attracted to the spiritual world at some point in their lives and their faith is likely the strongest out of the all of the Zodiac.

They are very straightforward in both their words and the way they choose to live life. Their honesty is something to admire, however, they have the tendency to say what needs to be said, regardless of how the other person will take it.  Most likely they have the other person’s best interest in mind from the start but they can be a little too blunt for the own good at times. This may rub some people the wrong way but it is a trait that makes a Sagittarius a Sagittarius.

Sagittarius as friends are always a pleasure to have around because of their outgoing and optimistic nature. These people can get bored easily and love to fill their lives with new and exciting ventures. They love to travel and are searching for like minded companions to spend their time with. Generosity is a common trait they possess and they will always make time to help a friend in need. Relationships are no different, although it can be extremely hard to tie a Sagittarius down and get them to commit to something. However, when they do finally settle down then they will not take their commitments lightly and will love their partner wholeheartedly.

Have you seen your astrological birth chart before? Your zodiac sign only scratches the surface of your true inner world.