6 Signs Signifying The Dark Night of the Soul: This is Not Your Average Case of Depression

As seekers of spiritual knowledge, many of us will go through a period in our lives called the ”Dark Night of the Soul.”

If you are experiencing the Dark Night of the Soul as you read this article, keep in mind that this is all for a purpose. It is all for the sake of reaching the next level in your spiritual journey.

The Dark Night of the Soul is not your average case of depression. It is an extreme low point in our lives where we suffer mentally, spiritually, and physical. During the experience you will feel a sense of hopelessness and despair as you seem to lose all purpose in living. Your perception of reality will be severely distorted, and the way you view life will be abnormally negative.

As painful as the experience may be, you should think of the Dark Night of the Soul as a beautiful experience. A sacred ritual with the purpose of taking you to the next level in your spiritual journey.

The Dark Night of the Soul very often signifies the beginning stages of a spiritual awakening.

6 Signs Signifying the Dark Night of the Soul:

1) Spiritual depression – you begin to doubt everything you thought you knew about your spiritual beliefs. For very spiritual people this will be the toughest part of the experience. The world will appear as if it is one big lie. You may doubt your reason for existing and lose all meaning in your life.

2) Extremely stressful situations –  everything you thought couldn’t go wrong…goes wrong. For example, you may go through severe financial hardship – being unable to pay your bills, getting laid off from your job, an eviction notice from your landlord comes out of no where. Basically, the universe just bombards you with the most stressful life situations all at once.

3) Rapid change in your life – things begin to change in your life at such a dramatic pace that it is just overwhelming. You feel like you cannot keep up and are being swept away by the pace of the world.

4) You feel lost and alone – you feel as if no one can understand what you’re going through. And if no one around you shares your spiritual beliefs then you will feel more alone than ever.

5) Psychically and mentally drained – you experience feeling lethargic, sleeping all the time, getting sick too easily. You may feel a severe lack of energy and have trouble performing the basic duties that are necessary to live your life.

6) Depression – you don’t find much joy in the things that used to give you pleasure in the past. You have trouble getting out of bed, socializing with friends, etc. Like I mentioned before, this is not your average case of depression. However, you will experience normal depression symptoms on top of everything else.

My advice to you if you are going through the Dark Night of the Soul as we speak…just surrender to it all. Realize what you’re going through and accept it. Accept the fact that this period in your life is all for a reason. It is all necessary, and you WILL get past this.

The universe is not making you suffer so much without a reason. This is just a step in the awakening process. It is all for the sake of killing your old self so that you can emerge a new man. As cliche as it sounds, “Only by seeing the dark, will you be able to see the light.”

As you finally come out of the Dark Night you will feel a sense of relief that is almost laughable. Your perception of the world will be clearer than ever. Soon enough you will be able to look back at this experience and laugh at the whole thing.

Be grateful that you went through such a process. By experiencing such a dark period in your life now, the hardship you experience in the future will be nothing compared to this.





10 thoughts on “6 Signs Signifying The Dark Night of the Soul: This is Not Your Average Case of Depression

  1. So well described, Austin. I know, I’ve been through this during a mid-life crisis, but those words don’t really cover it.’Dark night of the soul’ is a much more apt description. And yes, it was all for good reason, to come back to me and make re-evaluations for the better. And it really is a kind of spiritual awakening. I certainly don’t regret going though the darkness to get to the new kind of light.

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  2. Thank you for this. Been there. And yes, I can absolutely trace it back to what triggered it. I do believe that we can only truly understand life, the universe, and ourselves if we’ve been through darkness. And I think you just really helped me solve one of the dilemmas that came out of it, and sent me over the edge.

    Funny thing was though, I never doubted that Superior Energy / God existed, just knew that I’d been abandoned spiritually. Which is a really terrible feeling. Started believing in demons, too.

    There was a group of people in the healing community that were far from genuine. I’ve never been part of those communities, but I knew a few people. This particular group was run by a self-proclaimed shaman, a Navajo drummer (Dude was as white as the driven snow, except for that summer tan, and I doubt he’s ever been to the States, but he was a Navajo drummer). Basically sicced his people on me after we met. His shtick is to extract your energy from you using your weakness. Hence the drumming.

    And I agree with the person above, this kind of stuff needs to get out there, pronto. It’ll save a lot of people from going over the edge.

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    1. I’m glad that my post was helpful to you 🙂

      I feel you on never doubting a superior energy. I always thought that things were too orderly for their not to be a higher power. Also, being brought up in a christian household caused a ton of trauma that I’m still dealing with today. It was much too restricting and I always had my doubts, but it was the closest thing to the truth that I was able to find so I didn’t know what else to believe.

      Interesting story about the Navajo drummer. If I witnessed that it would definitely piss me off as well. There are really people out there that do things like that huh..gotta be careful. I’ve been around people who just wanna prey on your energy too. People who purposely take advantage of your kindness and empathy. I learned about that the hard way, and quite recently actually. And from people who I once believed were close to me.

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      1. Yeah, that’s the worst part, when it’s someone close. Maybe they need to go through their own process. Which really doesn’t make things any easier. The energy attacks nearly cost me my sanity, still recovering from that.

        Fake Shaman Wanna-Be Navajo Schmuck really pissed me off. I started calling them the Blessed Be Brigade, because they take something sacred to Wiccans and twist it into something that leaves a really sour taste in your mouth. Even though I know precious little about being Wiccan. I’ve been thinking of writing about them again, and I have placed them in a story, but the energy was too weird. They’re also energy vampires.

        A good friend of mine said the same thing about growing up in a very religious household. I get that those who feel they’ve been saved want to pass that on to others, but – and I mean no disrespect to your family – there are limits. I think the difficulty comes from trying to help your loved ones but also listening to the pastor / priest. And most of them are . . . the less says about them, the better. People do make mistakes, and that’s absolutely fine. But I also believe God is a benign energy, not the vengeful entity people like to imagine. Which serves what purpose exactly? Did they really have such terrible rulers on Earth? Because I also believe that the concept of God, how we see God, cones from the rulers of ancient and medieval times. I was obsessed with the Olmec and Maya a few years back, and those priests were bat shit crazy. Same as catholic priests in Europe in the Middle Ages. I don’t just mean the sacrifices, but all that intimate communication with God, and the wine.

        I’m asking everyone who grew up in a religious household this, if you have a scientific explanation for the whole speaking in tongues phenomenon, please share. Had a link, but it’s on my old laptop. And that’s in Finland, whereas I’m still here in Hungary.

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  3. Great message, Austin! It could really help a lot of people to better understand this stage of their Spiritual development and not give up Hope! You’re doing a great Service! I AM so proud of you!!!! From my HEART to your HEART in Love, Betty. 💞

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