Spirituality shouldn’t restrict you, only free you – my thoughts on the spiritual world.

As I’ve been coming to terms with my own truth about the spiritual world, the world of the mysterious and divine, I’ve realized that spirituality is meant to free you, not restrict you. If your spiritual beliefs place fear in your heart then I think there is something wrong. There should be no fear and there should be no judgement when it comes to spirituality.

Spirituality is about love and oneness. It’s about bringing humanity together, not separating or discriminating. It’s about transcending the physical realm where all we see are the differences between one another, into the spiritual realm where we are all one. We are all connected to the same source.

Spirituality transcends race, gender, and physical appearance. Those who are truly in touch with their spiritual side do not discriminate based on such differences. It’s about realizing that we are all just spirits. We are all just spirits living inside of these human bodies. And because of this, discrimination based on our physical appearance is incredibly meaningless.

I believe that regardless of what another person’s spiritual beliefs are there should be no judgement. For that only further separates humanity. We should all be looking toward one another with love, positivity, and acceptance.




9 thoughts on “Spirituality shouldn’t restrict you, only free you – my thoughts on the spiritual world.

  1. Couldn’t agree more. I never got the part about being so judgmental and justifying that certain people are less than, all while calling yourself a spiritual being, or – gasp, horror – a Christian. Spirituality really is about being one with everything, like you said. It’s just that we are made of different components. That all complement each other. Pity some people missed the memo.

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