About Me

  • 23 years old, born and raised in southern California.
  • College student – Business Information Systems – Senior (last semester fall 2017)
  • I am passionate about a lot of things but Astrology, Depth Psychology, and Numerology are my main focus at the moment.
  • I play super smash brothers competitively but I am currently on a hiatus. Follow my smash bros. twitter account at @aphronetta
  • My personality type is INFJ.
  • Virgo / Sagittarius Rising / Capricorn Moon.

If you are interested in seeing my numbers – click here

Why does this blog exist?

This blog exists for the people. I want to use my skills and my passion to help others. I want people to understand themselves, and I want people to be understood. I mainly focus on personality traits and people, but from the perspective of the world of the mysterious and divine of course. I advise you to be open minded while sifting through my blog. Even if you don’t believe, I urge you to take a deep breathe and keep an open mind. You will be surprised how beneficial something so seemingly illogical can be when you give it a chance. Turn your brain off for a second, forget what you think you know, and enjoy. That’s exactly what I did and it is why this blog exists today.

This blog also exists for me. I need a medium where I can express myself with no filter. I have a lot on my mind and I really enjoy artistic expression over any other type of expression. Whenever I express myself or reveal personal information about myself I feel liberated. I feel like this sense of relief is insurmountable for me to grow as a human being. I cannot really express myself as well as I would like verbally, but when it comes to art or writing then I can go all out. And it’s fun so why not!