The Sixth Sign of the Zodiac – Virgo – August 23 – September 22

Virgoooo232Ruler: Mercury  Color: Green  Symbol: The Maiden  Element: Earth Quality: Mutable

Their attention to detail and strong sense of responsibility makes them the ultimate helpers of the zodiac. 

Virgo is ruled by the planet Mercury – the ruler of the mental world. Their intelligence is one of their greatest assets, and their practical and exacting nature is what makes a Virgo a Virgo. These people have a strong inner desire to dedicate themselves to a worthy cause that utilizes their strong work ethic and grants them a sense of self-worth. A Virgo that feels appreciated and useful is a happy Virgo.

Virgos want to get things done right the first time. If they fail to do so then you can fully expect them to get it right the second time because these people learn from their mistakes quickly. They are always striving to improve themselves both physically and mentally. Their appearance is very important to them and they try to maintain a certain public image. These people have a strong need to humble themselves around others and end up holding a lot of themselves back as a result.

More often than not, the side that the Virgo shows to the general population is much different than when they are with loved ones. A Virgo’s love for others is deep, but they tend to only show their true self to those who they really trust. Although they may not admit it, they often discriminate when it comes to choosing friends because they see the flaws in humanity so clearly.

The Virgo mind is powerful and always seems to be on overdrive. They tend to worry about the littlest things that others may not even notice. Anxiety and shyness are common issues for these people. Their tendency to overthink is what can make them seem like really uptight and worrisome people. They are very observant and notice the little flaws in just about everything around them. This does not exclude themselves either, as they are very self-critical and see the flaws in themselves better than anyone. Their need for perfection is both their biggest strength and weakness in life.

Virgos are the ultimate problem solvers and you can always count on them for some real down to earth advice. However, if you ask them for advice then be prepared to hear the truth and nothing but the truth. Likely, they already had this advice stored in their mind for a long time but stopped themselves from saying it earlier. If you cannot handle the honest and objective truth then you may want to ask someone else for help.

Virgos love to help others but if you try to take advantage of a Virgo or get in the way of their work then be prepared to get the cold shoulder. These people are often much wiser than they appear and are aware when someone is taking advantage of them. Virgos know how to give but they are not very good at receiving. A Virgo asking for help is rare sight indeed. Often, they would rather suffer silently than burden others with their problems.

Their independent nature is awe inspiring but is can also limit them without balance. It can cause them to become inflexible and cold to those around around them. Virgos have a life long goal of trying to balance their work life with their personal life. If love does not seem likely for them then they may just dedicate their whole life to their work. Again, this is where their independence and serious nature can really hold them back in life. However, once they find that balance and learn to loosen up every now and then they will likely be some of the sweetest people you have ever met.

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So I met this girl (part 2.5)

Alright so I’m finally going to meet with Valentine this weekend.. after all of this time. I actually feel really great about the situation and I’m seriously hoping everything works out. I mean I’m still nervous as hell but I’m also really tired of waiting. I told her that I went through some major changes during the past few months that I hadn’t seen her and that I wanted to show her something and get her advice/opinions. She seemed pretty excited to hear my story and we agreed to meet up after she finishes her finals (she’s a college student).

I’m finally going to show her this blog (she was the one who inspired me to create it). After I show her and we talk then I will finally reveal this blog to my friends and family. Maybe not right after but most likely by the end of this month or early next month. I’m especially scared about that…even more than the valentine thing actually, but it needs to be done. I’ll get used to all of this soon enough I hope.

If you haven’t read so I met this girl (part 1) or so I met this girl (part 2) then you might want to before I release part 3 by the end of this month. Stay tuned! 🙂

The INTJ Personality Type

The strategic visionaries who tend to approach life as if it were a giant chess board…


INTJs are always subconsciously absorbing information and are able to visualize the future possibilities in great detail using their dominant function: Introverted Intuition (Ni). They can see the future possibilities so clearly in their head and can be unforgiving to those who interfere in the actualization of their plans. INTJs observe, analyze, and plan with their Ni before they make the optimal move of choice. The choice that the INTJ finds optimal is often off the beaten path and may not make sense to outsiders. They may take a path that no one else knew existed and still end up with better results at the end. These people are as original as it gets and can be stubborn when it comes to realizing their plans.

INTJs are problem solvers to the highest degree. A place where there is logic, order, and a problem that needs to be solved is where they really shine. Engineering, technical fields, or even on a chess board are the places where INTJs really shine. The chess board metaphor is synonymous with one of the greatest chess players who ever lived:

Bobby Fischer
Bobby Fischer (INTJ) on the right. credit: google images

They are fiercely independent and innovative by nature. They tend to view the world in a way that is completely unique to them, and everything they subconsciously absorb using their Ni is in a secret code that only they can understand. If they choose to decipher that code in order to explain to outsiders then they may choose to do so. However, it can be very difficult for them to explain what goes on in their head to others. The information and the plans they formulate in their minds are not always able to be fully explained verbally. These people often report feeling misunderstood at times for similar reasons.

It is not surprising for an INTJ to have an amazing plan brewing in their head and even execute it in it’s entirety before anyone was aware that such a plan existed. More often than not, this plan ends up solving numerous problems all at once and may even utilize the people around them like chess pieces on a board. This is a prime example of their ultimate combination of  Ni + Te at work.

These people tend to take a similar approach to just about everything they do. They are patient and analytical by nature and like to make sure that they get things done right the first time. Not the second time, and not the fourth. Their need for perfection and stubborn determination makes them relentless when it comes to getting the job done.

Their auxiliary function is Extraverted Thinking (Te) and it is the source of what urges them to solve problems in the external world. This is also what makes them so logical and organized. Te urges them to take control of the external world and make sense of it logically, and they may even take control of a project in the workplace in order to improve an already established system. They may even be so inclined to undermine authority in order to realize their plans and improve on what was already built. There is nothing wrong with doing such a thing in their head because they are making improvements, but this may rub some people the wrong way if it happens too often. These people work best on their own anyway, no one to get in the way and slow them down.

Personal relations for INTJs can be difficult. They are not very in tune with the feelings of other people, especially when they are trying to execute one of their ingenious plans. Their tertiary function: Introverted Feeling (Fi) makes them a lot more in tune with themselves then they are with others. As a result, these people are often guilty of ignoring the opinions and contributions of others. They see how things will work out in their head so clearly that the input of other people are unneeded in their eyes. This is what makes them so fiercely independent; they definitely work better alone than in the group setting.

INTJs are actually natural born leaders with the tools necessary to call the shots and make big plays. However, they are also introverted in every sense of the word and may prefer a less people orientated role. They need ample down time in order to sort through their thoughts and feelings on their own, as well as recharge their internal batteries so they can function. They often come out feeling much better than they did before. Social anxiety or awkwardness are common problems that these people face. This is another reason why INTJs often report feeling misunderstood by others. Their inferior function: Extraverted Sensing (Se) can occasionally turn these people into spontaneous thrill seekers. Se is also what may cause them to overindulge in sensual pleasures and overeating. With proper development, Se can be the key that breaks them out of their shell and gets them to take a few risks in life.

The functions:

Dominant function: Introverted Intuition (Ni)

Auxiliary function: Extraverted Thinking (Ti)

Tertiary function: Introverted Feeling (Fi)

Inferior function: Extraverted Sensing (Se)

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The Highly Sensitive Person: How to Cope in the Busy World of Today

Human beings are empathetic creatures by nature, we can all to at least some degree understand what another person is going through, even if it’s just a little bit. Some people can go as far as feeling what the other person feels. The highly sensitive individual is a special case. This is when the ability to feel becomes so intense that it can potentially become too much to handle.

A few things that can potentially be harmful for Highly Sensitive Individuals:

  • Too many sudden changes in the physical environment
  • Too much negative energy from the surrounding people
  • Loud noises, bright lights, and crowded places with many people

If the environment is simply too much for a highly sensitive person to handle then it can even manifest into physical ailments and sicknesses.

So what can these people do to cope with such a trait?

Being a highly sensitive individual in the world of today is not an easy task… but it is more than possible to cope. It does not need to be seen in a negative light either. The key is simply to understand yourself and your limits.

For adults it is a lot easier because you have freedom to live how you choose. If you don’t want to work in a busy environment filled with tons of people talking at the top of their lungs every second of the day then you don’t have to.

For children however, it is a whole different story because children cannot just do whatever they want. Highly sensitive children are at the mercy of their parent/guardian. They have to go to school and they are expected to deal with the same conditions that everyone else deals with. And they will not receive special treatment unless they have a disability that the school finds legitimate.

Public school for highly sensitive children can potentially be hell depending on the environment. These children cannot choose when they feel, they unconsciously absorb the emotions of the people around them, all the time. Their energy levels and their ability to focus can severely plummet if the environment does not suit the child. This is why public school can severely hamper a child’s ability to focus and succeed academically. A peaceful and organized environment is best suited for these individuals.

A few things that can happen when a Highly Sensitive Person feels overwhelmed:

  • Severe energy depletion
  • Anxiety and confusion
  • Inability to focus and brain fog

It is not easy being a highly sensitive person, child or adult, but I really feel for children who may have no idea what is going on inside of them. Even worse if they think that there something is wrong with themselves. I believe that homeschooling is a more than viable option for children who suffer in the public school setting. If you have a child who you suspect to be highly sensitive then I would highly recommend considering the option.

Extra comments:

I myself am a highly sensitive person with the INFJ personality type and still have issues regarding negative/crowded environments. As a child it 10 times worse because I had no idea what was going on and neither did my parents. It didn’t get very much easier as I got older either. In fact I think it was the worst in high school where the environment I was in was much too rowdy and loud for me to function. And I had no choice but to deal with it and tough it through.

I think this is why I feel so passionate about the subject. I know for sure if someday my child were to show signs of being highly sensitive then I would make sure that my child feels comfortable. If my child is complaining about school and is not performing well then I will consider home school or private school in a heartbeat.

I truly wonder what it would have been like if I had been given the option to be home schooled. I could have studied in a peaceful environment without having to worry all the time. I may have actually enjoyed school if I wasn’t forced to be around such negative/loud influences all the time when I was trying to learn. I mean, I guess I learned some valuable lessons by toughing it out through public school… but still, I feel like it shouldn’t have been as terrible as it was.

The 22 Vibration (Master Number)


This number expands on the previous Master Number 11 (The Visionary). Not only do they have a strong vision for the future, they have all of the necessary tools to build it too. Hence, they are given the name The Master Builder.

These people often have big goals in life and certainly have the power to achieve them. They are highly intuitive, idealistic, charismatic, and hard working. They posses the inspirational insights of the number 11, as well as the hard working and practical nature of the number 4.

This number is most often regarded as the most powerful number. It can potentially be the most successful too because it grants the bearer the ability to manifest dreams into reality. This number requires a lot of responsibility and it can become a lot to deal with at times, especially if they are not aware that they posses so much power. If they doubt themselves and start thinking negatively then their downfall is almost guaranteed. More than any other number the 22 vibration is dependent on the thoughts of the bearer. 

“With great power comes great responsibility” – Uncle Ben (Spider Man)

Wait, that quote actually originated from spider man?…Okay. Anyway, that is a quote that should be ingrained into the minds of these people indefinitely. It can seriously become an issue for everyone if bearers of the number 22 start thinking negative things about life. Even worse if they actually surpass being just a negative Nancy and become a full fledged criminal or terrorist. They can manifest just about anything they want as long as they envision it it and work hard. Thankfully, these people are often naturally idealistic but should one be pushed to the edge I wouldn’t want to imagine the outcome.

The 22 vibration beckons for great accomplishments. Why else would it contain so much energy? Big challenges for these people are feelings of self doubt and fear of failure. They are very big on not letting their loved ones down and that fear can consume them if they are not careful. Without the willpower to overcome those challenges the bearers of the number 22 can see their progress in life come to a firm halt.

All these people need to do is think positive thoughts, envision their goal, and work hard until they create the life that they have always imagined.

Extra comments:

Some interesting facts about my family:

  • Older brother number 1 (oldest) – Life path number 22
  • Older brother number 2  (middle) – Life path number 22
  • Me (youngest) – Maturity number 11
  • My dad – Maturity number 11

Very very interesting… with two 22s and an 11 my brothers and I can likely accomplish many great things if we combined all of our power. Especially because I can inspire them to set their thoughts on positivity and achievement (one of my special abilities).

I’m also fairly certain that numbers are passed down at birth. It could be completely random for all I know but there is definitely a connection. I’ve noticed it not only with my own family but from researching other people too.

Do you know your numbers?