Brief thoughts on Astrology and Numerology: legitimate or hoax?

 Astrology and Numerology

I first got into researching these two subjects out of pure curiosity. I wanted to know if there was more to them than what I just seeing with my eyes. However, I didn’t know what I was truly getting into until I ended up creating this blog. This blog is what caused me to turn my curiosity into something more…a passion.



First of all, Astrology has no scientific evidence or definite proof that it is real which already makes most people want to dismiss it at first glance. Those who sense any amount of truth in the study are not basing their belief on hard facts or logic, they are basing it on faith and intuition.

I personally believe that there is a lot more truth to this study than people realize. At the surface it is just zodiac signs and horoscopes and that’s what most people put their judgement towards. The world has been bending the study to be something that it’s not and at this point it seems almost impossible to reverse the current ‘world view’ of the subject. Without a way to prove its legitimacy, the majority of the world will continue to view it as nothing more than psycho mumbo jumbo and witchcraft.

I however do not doubt its usefulness will continue to study and utilize it just like I have been.


Same as Astrology, Numerology has no scientific evidence and will more than likely never have any during our time period. This study is much less popular than Astrology too and its premise is based on numbers which is already hard to believe. However, Numerology and Astrology share a connection as if they came from the exact same source.

Numerology in my opinion is extremely helpful for those who choose to give it a chance.

My personal benefit from utilizing it has been a life changing experience. Instead of doing what everyone else wanted me to do with my life it reminded me of what I am actually skilled at and enjoy putting my time towards.

My life path is 3 , the skills of creation and artistry.

My Life destiny is 8, the path of leadership and wealth.

My soul number is 5, the inner need for freedom and rebellion.

If you have even the slightest interest in Numerology then you definitely want to check out your 3 main numbers below.

  • Life Path – this is will you show what you really excel at in life and what skills and talents you should focus on to make your life a rewarding one.
  • Life Destiny – this and your life path go hand and hand. This will show you the path that you should take in your life and the things you need to accomplish to make you feel fulfilled and satisfied.
  • Soul Number – this will show you your most hidden inner desires that no one knows about (maybe not even yourself). It can show you what you truly value and need to motivate you through life.

Here is how you can check your own numbers:

For those seeking a full overview of Numerology – including the way it works, its benefits and uses, and origin. This was the first book I read when I was just getting started researching the subject and I highly recommend it.

This book on Astrology really opened my eyes to the depth of the study. There truly is much more to it than just horoscopes and zodiac signs. For people seeking to seriously understand how Astrology works and its uses then I recommend the book below.


The Fifth Sign of the Zodiac – Leo – July 23 – August 22


Ruler: Sun  Color: Gold  Symbol: The Lion  Element: Fire  Quality: Fixed

The kings and queens of the zodiac. These people value hard work, integrity, and honesty.

Leaders by nature, the confidence that oozes from their choice of actions alone is enough to inspire and set the pace for those around them. Those who are lucky enough to be in a Leo’s inner circle are likely to have a friend for life. Unless of course they do something stupid…like trying to control a Leo. These people need their freedom and independence. They will be unhappy and unable to bring out their full potential without it. A restricted Leo will feel like an animal in the zoo, trapped, until they break free and unleash all of their fury on the source of their anguish of course! Well, they are likely not going to hurt you because they are so kind hearted but really though, restrict a Leo and it will not end well.

Leos wield the element of fire and have very hot personalities as a result. They can be very direct and straight forward in both their actions and their words. They do not have time to play games and waste time beating around the bush. Temper issues can be a problem, but their emotions are something that they will learn to control with time. Try to support them instead of adding fuel to the fire by trying to control them by force. The fire inside of them is also the source of their passionate and warmhearted nature.

Do not underestimate a Leo’s loyalty. They may seem scary or have a hard exterior at times but the hearts on these people are huge and their generosity knows no bounds, especially to those close to them. Again, please try not to do something stupid and clearly unethical if you want to stay friends with a Leo. The last thing you want to do is take advantage of a Leo’s generosity unless you are prepared to meet the lion up close and personal. As generous as they are, they are just as fierce and may have to unleash the beast on you if you aren’t careful.

These people need goals in their lives. A Leo without goal will likely feel lost, or unimportant. It is better for everyone when they can put their energy toward something meaningful. When a Leo does set their sights on something they want then you need to either support them or move out of the way because you’re just gonna get hurt if you try to deter them from their goals. These people don’t know the meaning of the word impossible and often push themselves to the limit in order to make their desires a reality.

Did you know that your zodiac sign is only scratching the surface to your true personality?

Have you seen your astrological natal chart given to you at birth?

Carl Jung

“My studies in astrology are fascinating…I have come to the firm conclusion that at the moment of birth an individual takes on the characteristic state of the Universe for that moment in time.” -Carl Jung


The next book I want to read is ‘The RED BOOK’ by Carl Jung. I mean, just the appearance and the title of the book is alluring. So mysterious! And the content is likely invaluable too, especially for me at the moment I feel.

The book is about the experiences that Jung had in 1913 where he had a psychotic break down but emerged from it feeling transformed, a new man, he was about 38 at the time. Apparently he had visions where he saw the world in catastrophe and ruin. He documented what he saw in his visions and what was going on in his psyche at the time. The book lets you dive into the mind of the man and experience it with him personally. The book is massive too, I would honestly love to own the actual book one day.

Edit: I found an actual picture! Damn that’s kinda epic, now I have to get it someday.. just to say I did it.

The red book
credit: google images

The Fourth Sign of the Zodiac – Cancer – June 21 – July 22


The Fourth Sign of the Zodiac – Cancer – June 21 – July 22

Ruler: Moon  Color: Violet  Symbol: The Crab  Element: Water Quality: Cardinal

The natural homebodies of the zodiac. Their emotions seem to carry them like the ocean tide, and their contradicting personality can confuse even their closest loved ones.

Cancers go through many phases during their lifetime. Their path through life is slow and steady, and more often than not, the first phase of their life is pretty rocky. The swarm of emotions going on inside them and their keen sensitivity does not help in this regard. Cancers need to feel appreciated by the people around them. If not, then their emotions can overwhelm them and their imagination can turn dark and pessimistic.

These people may seem confident and in control on the outside due to their hard shell like exterior, but there is likely a hidden intergalactic war going on inside of them at the same time. Career wise, their active imagination and emotional depth can draw them to the arts and they often do well as musicians, writers, or artists. They have a strong need to feel safe and secure in life, finances included. Long term careers where they can utilize their powerful nurturing skills are also highly desired by these people, nursing for example.

Being at home is the bees knees to them and close friends, family, and loved ones only add to the joy. Cancers are naturally nurturing and generous to those around them, and those who gain their trust will likely get an extra helping of that generosity. However, it can be tough to get into a cancer’s inner circle of love when their shells are often so hard. They do not take rejection or disappointment well because of their sensitivity, and they take their time when it comes to making long term commitments.

In relationships they are usually loving, gentle, and caring. They want to be with someone who truly understands them on a deep level, perhaps even on a non-verbal level. They don’t want to always have to explain themselves, as they have a tough of enough time sorting out their own emotions as it is. They can sometimes become codependent or clingy to their partner, and they might also be the most likely to stay in a toxic relationship out of all of the zodiac signs (so be careful !!).

Did you know that your zodiac sign is only scratching the surface of your true personality? Have you seen your astrological birth chart before?

The Third Sign of the Zodiac – Gemini – May 21 – June 20


The Third Sign of the Zodiac – Gemini – May 21 – June 20

Ruler: Mercury  Color: Yellow  Symbol: The Twins  Element: Air  Quality: Mutable

Symbolized by the twins, Geminis are often known for having split personalities. They have a strong desire to communicate with others and their intellectual capabilities are top notch.

The moods of these people seem to change in the blink of an eye. They can be a bit confusing to understand as a result, and they are often unaware that they are the cause of such confusion. Only those closest to these people will truly understand and accept them for who they are – and that’s fine with them. Acquaintances will only catch a glimpse of a Gemini’s true personality and they will not waste time with anyone who slows them down.

The minds of these people work fast and their curiosity knows no bounds. They are often life long seekers of knowledge and truth. It can be hard to keep up with them at times as their versatile minds bounce from topic to topic by nature. These people are also very independent and they find it hard to sit still at times. You’re gonna have to make a real effort if you are trying to tie them down in any way. They move about the world like a gust of wind, you can’t catch them and they never fail to bring a breath of fresh air anywhere they go.

Their intelligence and humor can easily turn the Gemini into the life of the party. They are often known for their strong communication skills and this is explained by them being ruled by the planet Mercury – which governs thoughts, ideas, and communication. Not only that but they are an air sign too! Which means they are even more focused on ideas/communication, freedom, and movement.

Friendships with these people are often long term – they do not take friendships lightly. However, if you step on their toes too much and too often, do not complain when they switch you out of their inner circle without notice. Again, these people move fast. They like to be around like minded individuals who can keep up with their pace.

A big goal for these people is to learn how to slow down and breathe a little every now and then. They can be very fidgety and may have trouble sitting still. They also have a tendency to be superficial and hypercritical.

They know how to make money but they also know how to spend it. At the end of the day, most Geminis are actually quite smart with their money and often do well as entrepreneurs. However, they tend to be attracted to gambling and may act out at times with glamorous purchases or some major splurging.

Their appearance is important to them and they often express themselves by how they dress. Relationships are also very important to them but they constantly need stimulation from their partner or they can get bored quickly. They a need partner with substance, someone who can keep up. Once a Gemini finds a partner that will accept their many quirks, they will strive to make the relationship a deep one filled with honest communication and genuine understanding.

Extra comments:

My brother is a Gemini/ENFP. He is one of the most impressive people I know and he was one of my main role models growing up. His communication skills are admirable and he worked as an English teacher in Hong Kong for a few years. He is also the person who got me into Japanese culture/anime and suggested that I learn the language.  Oh yea, Geminis are also excellent at learning new languages. Both me and my older brother speak Japanese around the same level.

You may know your zodiac sign but how about your personality type?

Have you seen your natal birth chart?