The 22 Vibration (Master Number)


This number expands on the previous Master Number 11 (The Visionary). Not only do they have a strong vision for the future, they have all of the necessary tools to build it too. Hence, they are given the name The Master Builder.

These people often have big goals in life and certainly have the power to achieve them. They are highly intuitive, idealistic, charismatic, and hard working. They posses the inspirational insights of the number 11, as well as the hard working and practical nature of the number 4.

This number is most often regarded as the most powerful number. It can potentially be the most successful too because it grants the bearer the ability to manifest dreams into reality. This number requires a lot of responsibility and it can become a lot to deal with at times, especially if they are not aware that they posses so much power. If they doubt themselves and start thinking negatively then their downfall is almost guaranteed. More than any other number the 22 vibration is dependent on the thoughts of the bearer. 

“With great power comes great responsibility” – Uncle Ben (Spider Man)

Wait, that quote actually originated from spider man?…Okay. Anyway, that is a quote that should be ingrained into the minds of these people indefinitely. It can seriously become an issue for everyone if bearers of the number 22 start thinking negative things about life. Even worse if they actually surpass being just a negative Nancy and become a full fledged criminal or terrorist. They can manifest just about anything they want as long as they envision it it and work hard. Thankfully, these people are often naturally idealistic but should one be pushed to the edge I wouldn’t want to imagine the outcome.

The 22 vibration beckons for great accomplishments. Why else would it contain so much energy? Big challenges for these people are feelings of self doubt and fear of failure. They are very big on not letting their loved ones down and that fear can consume them if they are not careful. Without the willpower to overcome those challenges the bearers of the number 22 can see their progress in life come to a firm halt.

All these people need to do is think positive thoughts, envision their goal, and work hard until they create the life that they have always imagined.

Extra comments:

Some interesting facts about my family:

  • Older brother number 1 (oldest) – Life path number 22
  • Older brother number 2  (middle) – Life path number 22
  • Me (youngest) – Maturity number 11
  • My dad – Maturity number 11

Very very interesting… with two 22s and an 11 my brothers and I can likely accomplish many great things if we combined all of our power. Especially because I can inspire them to set their thoughts on positivity and achievement (one of my special abilities).

I’m also fairly certain that numbers are passed down at birth. It could be completely random for all I know but there is definitely a connection. I’ve noticed it not only with my own family but from researching other people too.

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The 11 Vibration (Master Number)


The number 11 is associated with the visionaries of the world. Bearers of this number are often naturally spiritual, idealistic, and have a strong vision for the future. Their mission is to bring enlightenment and inspiration to all.

This is a Master Number so if the power of this number is misused or not used at all, the traits of this number can backfire on the bearer bringing negativity and self-sabotage. Master numbers are more powerful than other numbers and consist of:

  • 11 – The Visionary
  • 22 – The Master Builder
  • 33 – The Master Teacher

These people have their own unique perspective of life that is often far beyond the norm. This is both a blessing and a curse, but probably more of a blessing if the bearer chooses to utilize the power of this number. They have the tendency to feel isolated or ‘different’ from those around them and may give off a loner vibe. They are highly intuitive people who tend to see things that others fail to notice. Their intuition in particular is the most powerful out of all of the numbers and is often the main source of their power to help others.

Seeing the big picture in life is generally something that they excel at and they often feel compelled to express just what they see. They may not preach their vision to the masses in an authoritative fashion, but they will show the world in a way that is most comfortable for them. This could through an art form, fashion sense, or a career choice.

They are very goal orientated and often spend more time working than relaxing.  A lot of that work can be going on in their heads instead of actually happening in the real world however. They tend to overthink and this can lead to bad habits of laziness and procrastination. In general, most people would call them “high-strung” or “intense”, but this is because of their innate sense of responsibility. They feel responsible not only for making the most out of their own life, but for building up those around them too. A lesson they must learn in this lifetime is not to take on too much at one time because it will contribute to stress, anxiety, and depression(which they are very prone to). Maintaining a healthy and balanced life is invaluable for these people.

All in all, their energy is loving and caring, you could even call them hyper sensitive. Fights and disagreements between loved ones can be very upsetting to them. An important point for the bearers of this number to remember is to set an example for others to learn from. The number 11 is a very goal orientated number, so when the bearers of this number do not have a goal to set their focus on they can become very anxious and disoriented. It very important for these people to chase their goals in life, not only for themselves, but to lead by example and inspire others as well.

The number 11 = ‘ 1  +  1  =   2  ‘

So it contains both the power of the number 1 and the number 2. They can be thought of as an inspirational leader because of this as the 2 provides them with peacemaking qualities, and the 1 provides the qualities of a natural leader.

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May – the month of 5


It’s finally may! After a very long April (For me at least).

The month of 5 is all about change. I mentioned a little bit about it in my last post about the month of 4. April was about getting all of that grueling work done and laying the foundation for things to come.

The hard work that was done in the month of 4 should start to manifest during the month of 5. If change is what you desire, you will finally begin to realize the possibility of such a thing. You should strive to embrace the idea that it is indeed possible to make positive changes in your life.

Worn out attitudes and habits are encouraged to be changed during this month. Your comfort zone should be broken, and your horizons should broaden. If you have been thinking about doing something like starting a new work out program, updating your resume, etc…then now is your opportunity.

This month will naturally get hectic.  You may have an inner desire for change stirring up inside of you. Strive to embrace that desire without getting too carried away. You will likely have a lot on your mind during this month, hopefully even innovative ideas to improve your life.

Remember that you should not do something that you will likely regret in the future. This is not the time to suddenly quit your job out of no where and make a living as a street dancer. It is however the time to realize the possibility of such a thing.

The 5 vibration is about curiosity, freedom, and change.

Here are few things that you may want to do during the month of 5:


  •  New ideas and life changing decisions should be thoroughly researched during this month. Do not take a sudden leap that you may end up regretting next month. Research, think, and plan ahead to ensure that your plans/projects go smoothly.

Live life

  • Freedom is the name of the game. Do exactly what you want for a change and take care of yourself. Whatever it is that makes you happy. If you are into getting your nails done, go for it! Feel like going on an adventure? Give it a try!

Go get it!

  • This is a month that will be filled with opportunities that can potentially be life changing. Be on the look out and go get it when you see it! You may see some fresh faces in your life, or maybe even potential business connections. This is a time to branch out and seek out opportunities that can improve your life.

My challenge to you all during the month of May is to embrace the idea that positive changes in your life are possible, and to embrace freedom(whatever that may mean to you).

The 2 Vibration

The 2 vibration desires partnerships of all kinds. This number grants the bearer unmatched abilities when it comes to peacemaking and diffusing conflict.

Unlike the 1 vibration which is all about leadership and independence, the 2 vibration takes a more gentle/cooperative approach when it comes dealing with people.

The number 2 is a symbol for duality – Geminis know all about this. The 2 vibration grants the bearer the ability to see both sides of a situation. For example, “light and dark, good and evil”, and they often act as a mediator between friends, family, and co-workers; acting with sensitivity and diplomacy in order to diffuse conflict.

Companionship makes these people happy. They will likely enjoy joining a club, making new friends, and being in a relationship. However, they may not have the easiest time in the world making these connections. Those who are fortunate enough to befriend one of these people are likely appreciate and respect their peacemaking qualities.

These people are usually quite sensitive and quiet. They may have “feminine” like qualities and can give off the impression of being shy. Those who bear the number 2 need to realize that they wield a lot of power and have many qualities that can greatly benefit the world.

They will find that their greatest success in life comes when they accept their role as a supporter. They should also strive to find a partner who accepts and praises these qualities in them. Their self-esteem will skyrocket and they will gain confidence in their own abilities.

They may deal with indecisiveness and pessimism on the norm. Their sensitivity can cause them to doubt themselves if they receive negative feedback/criticism for their actions.  They are true peacemakers and will naturally use their talents to promote peace and harmony in the world.

People who bear the number 2 have a lifelong goal of staying true to themselves. When they trust in their own abilities and accept their role as a peacemaker, the pessimism and negative qualities will dwindle, and the positive and gentle qualities of these people will truly shine.

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The 9 Vibration

Universal peace and love for all, the number 9 is the number of the Lightworker.

Born on this earth with a mission to serve, these people are always happy to lend a hand, and they often do so without motive. They are naturally optimistic and find it easier than others to bounce back from setbacks and disappointments. To some, they may give off the appearance of being larger than life.

This vibration will often test the bearer with trials and tribulations. It is not rare for a 9 to go through the lowest of the low in terms of living –  both real world and spiritual knowledge will reach a level of great wisdom during their lifetime. It is up to the bearer to use that knowledge and spread it to the world.

To spread their own vision to the world, with love, shooting arrows of enlightenment and peace, indiscriminately to all.

Altruistic to the core, they are at risk of becoming a doormat for others to step on. The optimal scenario for 9’s is to help others while not letting people step all over them. Do not mistake the previous doormat example for weakness because there is an unmistakable fiery spirit that accompanies a 9.

spirittttttaaaPeople with 9’s in their lives may have to deal with a quick temper and a tendency to lash out on others. They are often guilty of tuning out the opinions of those around them as well.

At times these people may withdraw from the world without a moment’s notice, but do not be alarmed, they are probably just trying to sort out their feelings and get more in tune with themselves. The true power of the 9 vibration may be hidden to those who only look on the surface. Those who judge too quickly may not be aware of the great depths of feeling and compassion within the bearers of the number 9.

This vibration tells the bearer to look within to reach a higher level of consciousness. These people are usually very wise and spiritual. They can be so in tune with themselves that they give off the appearance of being self-centered or selfish at times. It is believed that 9’s posses the ability to heal, whether it be through the touch of a hand, or art form.

Most people who bear the number 9 will naturally end up working in a field that benefits humanity. In fact, those that do will find that the reward will come in the choice itself. Creativity is also an attribute that bearer’s of the number 9 possess. Similar to the 3 vibration, those who bear the number 9 will have a strong attraction to the arts.

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Although many say that 3 is the luckiest number, others argue that title belongs to the number 9 which represents completion. The number 9 contains 3 number 3’s  ~ 3 + 3 + 3 = 9. It also combines all of the previous numbers, becoming a beacon for perfection and divinity.