The inner world of my family


Mom – ENFP/ Sagittarius/ life path 7

Dad – ENTJ/ Cancer/ life path 9

Older brother – ENFP/ Gemini / life path 22

Eldest brother – ENFPAries / life path 22

Me – INFJ / Virgo / life path 3

Not 100% sure about my mom and dad’s personality types but those are my best guesses. Everything else is confirmed.


So I met this girl (part 4)

This is likely the last ‘so I met this girl’ you will hear from me, unless something miraculous happens…

She finally responded to my messages and she seems to have no interest in resolving the situation, and I cannot convince her otherwise. I realized though that continuing to chase her will not solve anything, it will likely only make the situation worse. I need to let her do her own soul searching and come to her own conclusion about all of this.

I am not expecting anything really but I cannot say that I have given up completely. I just think that time needs to do its thing and if this is meant to happen then its meant to happen. I believe that this is not something that can be resolved with force or persistence.

So many things have happened in just the past week or so and almost all of my past demons and insecurities have resurfaced. However, I was able to defeat and learn from each and every one of those experiences. It was a little creepy because it seemed like each and every one of those situations were meant to happen, almost like it was planned.

I am actually very thankful that all of this happened. My life has changed drastically from my interactions with her and it will never be the same. The change was for the better and I have grown so much thanks to this.

We have currently cut ties from each other and I will make no attempt to contact her as of now. It did not end on a good note and we are not currently friends or anything of the sort. I hold no ill feelings toward her and I wish her the best in whatever she decides to do with her life.

The emotional roller coaster seems to finally be slowing down a bit, but I feel like the changes may not stop. I will likely have to go through many more trials and tribulations in the future but I actually feel prepared now.

I feel like I can finally rest now after so much worry and stress. I am going to continue to focus on myself and on growing as an individual. Despite everything that happened I have to say that the future looks bright and I am very excited to see where life takes me.


So I met this girl (part 3.5)

I feel like I should explain the situation a little bit better.

The twin flame relationship is a relationship between two people who are basically opposites. Yin and yang is a good example.


They are the part of you that you never knew you needed. The union of twin flames will bring out the full potential of both partners. They are meant to support each other and help each other become the best version of themselves.

There is always a chaser and a runner. In this case I believe that I am the chaser.

So what has happened so far is that we both exposed each other and brought out almost all of our deepest and darkest insecurities out into the open. We were both pretty much everything that each other feared the most. She destroyed a lot of my values, and I did the same to her. I however do not believe that this was intentional, it kind of all happened naturally and like we were just on different wave lengths.

We were unable to communicate with each other very well and almost everything we said to each other was taken very personally. It truly was intense and nothing like I’ve ever experienced, and I was brought to an almost all time low recently. It really opened my eyes and I feel much more awake now. I think she experienced something similar but I don’t know for sure.

Our communication issues were crazy. We were literally speaking two different languages, and yet, despite our differences, we were still able to relate to each other on a deep level I feel. We argued and then everything was fine…argued again and then everything was fine…then argued again. This continued to happen until everything came out into the open. I started to question my own values and my insecurities became crystal clear to me.

She is currently not talking to me but I would at least like for us to communicate and figure out the situation. I’m going to be patient though and try not to worry too much.

So I met this girl (part 3)


Wow…so much has happened in such a short amount of time. I’m going to change my writing style from the previous ‘so I met this girl’ posts because I learned that some things are not meant to be shared.

Okay so I personally believe that Valentine is definitely my twin flame. I honestly have no doubt in my mind at this point, however, I really misunderstood the definition of a twin flame at the time and jumped to way too many conclusions. Being a twin flame does not automatically mean being lovers in a romantic relationship.

I have learned so many things in such a short amount of time; it’s honestly mind blowing. From the few interactions that I had with her recently it was almost like time sped up and I learned lessons that may have taken me years to figure out otherwise. I realized that I still have so much growing to do and that I shouldn’t get too ahead of myself too fast. And I think she realized a lot about herself too from our interactions.

I was really excited in the beginning because I thought that this was fate, and I was certain that we were meant to be together. However, I missed a big portion of the story. I cannot just jump from the beginning to the conclusion when it comes to dealing with this sort of thing. I need to learn how to enjoy the ride, including all of the uncertainty that comes with dealing with this type of thing.

A big lesson that I learned was not to state your feelings too fast. This is actually a common INFJ problem because we always come to conclusions so fast. We love hard, and we love fast, but not everyone works that way and I understand that now.

We love to jump straight to the conclusion and forget to enjoy the spontaneity and excitement when it comes to dealing with this type of thing.  I shouldn’t just assume someone has feelings for me just because my intuition says so, it doesn’t work like that. And I certainly should not say such a thing and post about it in a blog I think lol, especially when I don’t know for sure if it’s true or not.

Another lesson that I learned is that not everything needs to be shown to the world. I don’t know how this is gonna work out in the end but I think I’ll leave the conclusion out of my blog for the most part. I think it’s best that way.

The twin flame relationship is definitely one of a kind. If I had to describe it in one word then I would say ‘Intense’ because this is nothing like I have ever experienced. I might end up making a post explaining the ‘twin flame’ sometime in the future.


The Highly Sensitive Person: How to Cope in the Busy World of Today

Human beings are empathetic creatures by nature, we can all to at least some degree understand what another person is going through, even if it’s just a little bit. Some people can go as far as feeling what the other person feels. The highly sensitive individual is a special case. This is when the ability to feel becomes so intense that it can potentially become too much to handle.

A few things that can potentially be harmful for Highly Sensitive Individuals:

  • Too many sudden changes in the physical environment
  • Too much negative energy from the surrounding people
  • Loud noises, bright lights, and crowded places with many people

If the environment is simply too much for a highly sensitive person to handle then it can even manifest into physical ailments and sicknesses.

So what can these people do to cope with such a trait?

Being a highly sensitive individual in the world of today is not an easy task… but it is more than possible to cope. It does not need to be seen in a negative light either. The key is simply to understand yourself and your limits.

For adults it is a lot easier because you have freedom to live how you choose. If you don’t want to work in a busy environment filled with tons of people talking at the top of their lungs every second of the day then you don’t have to.

For children however, it is a whole different story because children cannot just do whatever they want. Highly sensitive children are at the mercy of their parent/guardian. They have to go to school and they are expected to deal with the same conditions that everyone else deals with. And they will not receive special treatment unless they have a disability that the school finds legitimate.

Public school for highly sensitive children can potentially be hell depending on the environment. These children cannot choose when they feel, they unconsciously absorb the emotions of the people around them, all the time. Their energy levels and their ability to focus can severely plummet if the environment does not suit the child. This is why public school can severely hamper a child’s ability to focus and succeed academically. A peaceful and organized environment is best suited for these individuals.

A few things that can happen when a Highly Sensitive Person feels overwhelmed:

  • Severe energy depletion
  • Anxiety and confusion
  • Inability to focus and brain fog

It is not easy being a highly sensitive person, child or adult, but I really feel for children who may have no idea what is going on inside of them. Even worse if they think that there something is wrong with themselves. I believe that homeschooling is a more than viable option for children who suffer in the public school setting. If you have a child who you suspect to be highly sensitive then I would highly recommend considering the option.

Extra comments:

I myself am a highly sensitive person with the INFJ personality type and still have issues regarding negative/crowded environments. As a child it 10 times worse because I had no idea what was going on and neither did my parents. It didn’t get very much easier as I got older either. In fact I think it was the worst in high school where the environment I was in was much too rowdy and loud for me to function. And I had no choice but to deal with it and tough it through.

I think this is why I feel so passionate about the subject. I know for sure if someday my child were to show signs of being highly sensitive then I would make sure that my child feels comfortable. If my child is complaining about school and is not performing well then I will consider home school or private school in a heartbeat.

I truly wonder what it would have been like if I had been given the option to be home schooled. I could have studied in a peaceful environment without having to worry all the time. I may have actually enjoyed school if I wasn’t forced to be around such negative/loud influences all the time when I was trying to learn. I mean, I guess I learned some valuable lessons by toughing it out through public school… but still, I feel like it shouldn’t have been as terrible as it was.