Retrogade in awe

Retrogade in awe

The flowers and the rose petals, glistening in awe,
lovers forewarn, she ain’t love you like Ma.
They say patients is virtue, just a little bit longer see.
The flowers and rose petals begin to fall,
the past revisits, lovers forewarn.
The universal code, going backwards for all,
those who can see, can surely break the fall.
They say ignorance is bliss, lovers forewarn,
retrograde in awe, she ain’t love you like Ma.

Introspection, and reflection

You see what you see, and you think what you think.

But not every human being sees or thinks the same.

So take your input (what you see, hear, etc…) and introspect.

Think before you judge or criticize someone.

Look within your self, and attempt to look within the other person.

Because only fools trust their eyes, unaware of the unseen.

Believing wholeheartedly, and yet shouting things they don’t even really mean…