Karma: Wheel of Fortune and Justice

Life’s not fair. Oh yes. I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve said and heard these words. But ultimately, life has a way of evening things out. Justice: an androgynous person holds the scales in one hand and a sword in another. As number 11 in the Major Arcana, it comes right after the Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune is probably one of my favourite cards in the tarot deck. It speaks of the cyclical nature of life – what goes up will eventually come down and vice versa – so we must make the most of good things while they last. We also shouldn’t worry too much about the bad times because they’ll pass. 

Justice – on the other hand – is about our manmade laws. Unlike the Wheel, which is constantly in motion – Justice is immobile and seated on a throne.

If you’ve ever had to go through lawyers to settle a dispute, you know that it’s an unpleasant process. Especially so in cases that involve families. With that double-edged sword, Justice weighs and divides everything out according to the prevailing law at the time without caring about anyone’s feelings. The law is the law. Going through the legal system is also a fairly long and tedious process. But once the verdict is reached – it is binding.

But whether we’re talking about the Wheel of Fortune or Justice – the same concept holds true. We can only get what we give. Just give karma time to run it’s course. Life is ultimately fair. 

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Hi, I’m Dipa. I tell stories with tarot. An astrology enthusiast from birth, I enjoy stargazing, cooking and spending time with owls. Read my Tarot Tales from Tokyo at dipasingapuri.com Psst… I also do free tarot readings


Wildwood Tarot: the woman with the nine arrows

A woman stands alone in the forest. She gently strums a bow and arrow as though it were a musical instrument instead of a weapon. Her face is calm. Her eyes are downcast.

She has already seen the destruction that arrows can cause and has turned her back on all of them. No more pain. No more suffering. No more killing. Enough is enough for one lifetime. She now finds peace in solitude and pursuing her passions.

She respects the bow for it has given her the ability to survive in a harsh world. But now,  the time has come to teach it how to sing.

A Tale from our Modern World

It is midnight. I am by the ocean with an old friend. The black waves come and go. It is just us here. And that’s when I see an owl. I love them, you know.

“What happened tonight?” he asks me.

I shake my head. I don’t want to talk about it. I know I’m supposed to cry, but I’m so shocked I have no tears. He reaches forward and takes my hand in his. There’s nothing romantic about it. His nurturing touch is warm and familiar. I relax a little.

“Why do you like owls so much?” he asks, changing the topic.

I can always count on him to know what to do when I’m feeling down.


“They’re birds of prey,” I say. “But they’re not predators. They’re solitary. Nocturnal. Independent. They don’t need anyone. They’re content to just perch themselves on a tree and stare into the night. In their intense eyes, I see all the wisdom that the world has to offer. Female owls are also considerably larger than male owls.”

He laughs, says nothing. I notice that familiar spark in his eyes. I shift my gaze away from his. Nostalgia never did me any favours.

I look at the owl that’s keeping us company. It’s eyeing a mouse that’s rummaging through the rubbish that some inconsiderate morons have left on the beach. If we don’t take care of the earth, it’s not going to take care of us.



The owl strikes. With a silent sweep – the mouse is gone. Not my kind of dinner, but hey.

“Mother nature,” he says.

I smile. Yes – we must all hunt to survive in this world, but must we go around mindlessly destroying just because we can? 

“I know you’re tough,” he says. “A fighter. Always have been. But it’s time to stop fighting battles that you don’t need to. Create the life you want. Find your bliss.”

I nod. He’s right. He always is. I will never tell him that. 

“Have you thought about moving to Japan?” he asks. “It was one of your dreams, wasn’t it?”

I nod. He squeezes my hand a little tighter. I know what I need to do.

On the drive home, he’s still holding my hand. I’m a bit worried about his one-hand driving. Good thing it’s late and the streets are empty. I don’t want to let go and neither does he. 

When I arrive home, I wonder if anyone has noticed my absence. Not that it matters, anyway. There is no point in fighting anymore. There is nothing left to win.

“I hope I find my bliss,” I tell him.

“I hope your bliss finds you,” he says finally letting go of my hand.

It was the last time I ever saw him.

Four years have passed since that night. I’d like to say I remember it like it was yesterday, but I really don’t. My memories are fading with the passage of time. I do remember him, though. I could never forget him – not even if I wanted to.

We can never forget the people who take our hand in theirs and teach us how to sing. And like the woman in the Nine of Arrows, I dedicate this to him. 

I hope he found his bliss, too. 

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Hi, I’m Dipa. I tell stories with tarot. An astrology enthusiast from birth, I enjoy stargazing, cooking and spending time with owls. Check out my Tarot Tales from Tokyo at dipasingapuri.com. Psst…I also do free tarot readings.

The ENFJ Personality Type


The ENFJ Personality Type

Leading with Extraverted Feeling (Fe), they enjoy spending time with others and uphold very strong morals.

They have very strong communications skills, especially verbal. Teaching positions are often occupied by these people because of this, but even areas such as writing and journalism are viable too. They can also be excellent managers due to the reasons mentioned above, plus they posses the invaluable managerial ability of uplifting and bringing the best out of others.

People with the ENFJ personality type can read people with ease. If not properly balanced then they can be highly manipulative. Even worse if they hold their belief system above everyone else. An ENFJ without a sense of purpose can be a scary sight indeed.

They uphold very strong morals and can sometimes be too hard on themselves. For example, they may blame themselves if a situation turns sour, even if they are not solely at fault. On the other hand, if things go well, they may not give themselves enough credit. They understand the importance of humility and are aware that they can accomplish more with others then they ever could alone.

They can sometimes be so focused on others that they forget their own personal needs. Sensitive to conflict, they deal with it the only way they know how – with Extraverted Feeling. They may not thump their chest and be all aggressive, but they know how to deal with conflict in an empathetic way. They don’t like burning bridges and would rather mediate to a mutually acceptable solution.

They like what they like, and often have great taste when it comes to things such as music, books, theory, and food. Thanks to their Auxiliary Function: Introverted Intuition (Ni), they can see possibilities beyond the present. They have a strong vision for the future, with included insights. As a result, they can also be excellent counselors…or even tarot card readers!

In relationships, they are capable of the utmost loyalty when it comes to their partner. Marriage and family life are usually very harmonious and organized. They believe that true harmony comes from mutual honesty and an ability to communicate in a mature way to make group decisions. ENFJs are aware that being human means conflict in inevitable, but they also know that it’s important to deal with conflict without harming the relationship.

Their Ni needs to be properly developed as a way of taking in the outside world. It is there to support their Fe in the judging process by supplying insight and understanding. Their Tertiary Function – Extraverted Sensing (Se) can also be developed in a similar manner. An ENFJ with strong Se will be able to provide even more support by applying first-hand real life experience.

If a person with the ENFJ personality type were to neglect the development of their supporting functions then they would be left with only Fe to base their judgments on. This leaves almost no choice but to do what everyone else in their surroundings finds acceptable. Not only that, without the support they would jump to many conclusions that would likely end up biting them in the ass. The real life Se experience and Ni provide the support needed to obtain an almost zen like equilibrium when it comes to making decisions.

Dominant Function: Extraverted Feeling (Fe)

Auxiliary Function: Introverted Intuition (Ni)

Tertiary Function: Extraverted Sensing (Se)

Inferior Function: Introverted Thinking (Ti)

Dipa Singapuri – ENFJ, Contributor, Editor

Personal experiences: ENFJs get better as they get older. With time and experience, they mature enough to handle conflict in an empathetic manner. Because of their honest people-focused approach, others easily grow to trust them. They work best in situations where their ability to manage others in an empathetic way is an asset. They truly do want the best for everyone involved – themselves included.

Thank you Dipa for providing your input and contributing/editing this post.

For those who don’t know, Dipa posted on my blog a little while back, and decided to contribute on an ongoing basis. So look out for her next post this Saturday on the 22nd!

She runs her own blog at dipasingapuri.com – The Tarot Times. Her blog is pretty awesome if I do say so myself. I also think it really typifies the ENFJ style. For example, her latest post on Tarot Therapy where she gets answers from a real doctor who is also interested in the metaphysical. This type of collaborative, up close and personal type work is rare in my opinion. This and her typical Japan infused ENFJ story telling style are what caught my attention from the start. If this sounds interesting to you at all then you should definitely check it out. Oh, and she gives free tarot readings !

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is very important for self understanding but do you know your numbers? What about your astrological natal chart?

Mr. 8 of Pentacles: The Hardworking Salaryman of Tokyo

The world is full of people who dream of quitting their day jobs to pursue their passions. Mr. 8 of Pentacles has no such dreams. He values hard work, discipline and dedication. He works with society’s structures and traditions – not against them. Risk adverse by nature, he sticks to tried-and-tested methods because he knows they work. His ascent to the top is slow. Steady. Like the tortoise who ultimately beats the rabbit. 

Mr. 8 of Pentacles enjoys his craft. Doing the same repetitive work day in day out gives him a sense of joy that the more fiery types will never understand. Mr. 8 of Pentacles is the humble apprentice who will one day be the master of his own workshop. It is impossible to truly create anything in this world without good old-fashioned hard work. Mr. 8 of Pentacles understands this fact very well. 

A Tale from our Modern World

It is 11pm. I am on the Tokyo Metro like the hoards of other salarymen. The day is over. And what a fruitful day it was. Business deals were made. Money was earned. Nutritious meals were eaten. Everyone on the team has worked hard. Otsukaresama. Thank you for being tired. 

The scent of alcohol and tobacco smoke lingers on everyone’s perfectly pressed black suits. The after effects of the nomikai drinking party that takes place after work each day. You can differentiate the beer and wine drinkers from the purple tinge on their teeth. I arrive at Shimbashi Station on the Ginza Line. I am relieved to be momentarily spared of the claustrophobia of the rush hour train. 

Another fight begins. With a well-practised single-mindedness, I make my way to the JR station. Men and women knock into me repeatedly. They don’t bother to apologise. Whilst I enjoyed my day at work, something about this rush hour commute feels degrading, even violent. All laws of politeness are suspended and the law of the jungle takes over. I get on my next train. 

Like everyone else in this small crowded space, I am exhausted. The last thing I want to do is cut someone off to get a seat but that’s what I do. The man doesn’t glare at me. He accepts that he would have done the same. I relax a little. Getting a seat on the commute home means I will not get harassed on the train tonight. Thank God. I close my eyes.

One day very soon I will be Ms. 9 of Pentacles. One day very soon. All of this is just part of the ascent. 

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Hi, I’m Dipa. I tell stories with tarot. An astrology enthusiast from birth, I enjoy stargazing, cooking and spending time with owls. Read my Tarot Tales from Tokyo at dipasingapuri.com