One for all, but that’s my energy

Finding inner peace, just don’t limit me

Out flow and in, live for you and he

The trees breathe, and so we live for thee

Altogether, or we need to leave

Energy is free, and yet you pay a fee.


The Eighth Sign of the Zodiac – Scorpio – October 23 – November 21


ScorpioRuler: Pluto and Mars  Color: Red  Symbol: The Scorpion Element: Water Quality: Fixed

Scorpios are fiercely independent truth seekers who possess a passionate nature that draws people toward them.

Being ruled by both Pluto and Mars, their personality has many different facets and is almost a little contradictory. Pluto is the source of their emotional depth and mysterious nature, while Mars is the source of their intense and passionate nature. Scorpios are not boastful people and tend to keep their true nature hidden from the world. As a result, they can be tough to read and often come off as mysterious, or even secretive.

Scorpios are often misunderstood by those who judge them too quickly. They have knack for being able to blend in and adapt to whatever the current environment beckons. Their private life and their public life often differ drastically, and their inner world remains concealed to all. These people have an eye for seeing the truth and can be very tough to deceive. However, whether they choose to use it or not, Scorpios have a strong ability to deceive and manipulate others as well.

Scorpios are loyal to those who deserve their loyalty, and expect the truth and nothing less from those close to them. If you back stab a Scorpio then be prepared for their poisonous stinger to come right back at you in the most unexpected manner. These people are extremely protective of their loved ones and will use that same stinger to protect those close to them without a second thought.

These people like to rely on themselves and have a strong independent nature. Scorpios do not like to feel powerless and control is important to them. Feeling like they have no choice but to follow someone else’s wishes is one of their greatest fears. These people have a need to follow their own desires in this lifetime and cannot tolerate restrictions of any kind. Scorpios have a tough time letting others take the lead and can be quite domineering at times.

When it comes to relationships and friendships, they tend to pick and choose who they associate themselves with. Speaking the truth and being loyal are qualities that these people value the most, and they have zero tolerance for who do not share the same sentiments. Just be real with a Scorpio and they will be real with you, it’s really not that hard. Sex is very important to them, and they take their commitments very seriously. They are very intimate and protective of their partner, and their loyalty knows no bounds to those who gain their trust.

Their career path is important to them and they often do well in the business world. Their independence, passion, and intuitive qualities are often the source of their success. People are drawn to their intensity and passion, it is why these people often have ‘magnetic’ personalities. Scorpios are always seeking knowledge and never stop growing and transforming. They may even become workaholics because of their strong inner desire for change and growth. Scorpios are also the most likely to be drawn to the occult, or the metaphysical, just because of how much they value knowledge and information.

Your zodiac sign is just the beginning, have you seen your astrological birth chart?

The ENTJ Personality Type

ENTJENTJs are strong willed people who are the supreme overlords of their own zone. Anything within that zone is subject to being changed, improved, or organized.

The ENTJ’s zone pertains to anything that is within their control. This could be as small as their desk at work or even as large as an entire country.  Their dominant function is Extraverted Thinking (Te) and it is the reason why the ENTJ zone exists. Te is what compels them to take control of the outside world and organize it in whatever way they think is best. ENTJs enjoy being in a position of power and love to call the shots. These people are direct and straightforward in just about everything they do and it can rub more sensitive types the wrong way. If you want to convince an ENTJ to do something then you better come at them with solid facts and reason or do not even try, these people likely already have a plan in place and it can be tough to sway them of their plans.

ENTJs are natural executives and often end up becoming the leader by default. These people like to get things done and do not like to waste time, they truly are the ultimate decision makers. Whether they are right or wrong, these people will still make a decision. As a result, they can sometimes make hasty decisions that may not be perfect, but hey, at least they got things rolling. These people hate indecision and will often take control if people seem indecisive or unsure about a situation. This is why ENTJs are so reliable and make such amazing managers and leaders. They hold the power to inspire and lead those around them in a way that is incredibly unique to their personality type.

These people are driven by the future possibilities and often have big goals in life. Their thinking is long range and their plans are thorough. ENTJs tend to put a lot of focus on their future goals and career. They love a good challenge and intend to succeed in whatever they set their sights on. The reason why they are so future orientated is because their auxiliary function is Introverted Intuition (Ni). These people rely heavily on their intuition to solve problems and plan for the future. So if their Ni is underdeveloped then their decision making accuracy will likely suffer. Their combination of Ni + Te is why they make such amazing leaders and decision makers. With Ni they can develop solutions to problems incredibly fast and with Te they know just what to do to make the solution a reality.

Their tertiary function is Extraverted Sensing (Se) and it can assist them in their decision making, as well as urge them to take risks in life. It can also cause them to want to be showy, or flashy at times in their actions. Although these people can be risk takers at times, rules are considered sacred to them and attempts to break them are considered sinful. This is especially prevalent when they are in a position of power and when they are the ones who set the rules. They have the power and they expect people to abide by their rules, that’s just how it works, plus they are confident in their abilities to do what they think is right for everyone. If you willingly enter an ENTJ’s zone then you have no choice but to abide by the rules that they have set and violation of the rules is considered treason.

Their inferior function is Introverted Feeling (Fi), it is their weakest attribute. Feelings in both themselves and in those around them are very often neglected or overlooked. ENTJs will not show their emotional side to people in public as they tend to view it as a sign of weakness, but they do have a soft side to them buried deep down inside. In public they often appear calculated and cold, especially when they are trying to get things done or are at work. They do not have time for emotions and feelings when it comes to accomplishing a goal or managing a project. However, when it comes to a certain special someone or their loved ones then they can be quite loving and affectionate people.

The functions:

Dominant function: Extraverted Thinking (Te)

Auxiliary function: Introverted Intuition (Ni)

Tertiary function: Extraverted Sensing (Se)

Inferior function: Introverted Feeling (Fi)

Extra comments:

One of my friends from college is an ENTJ but the funny part is that I thought he was an introvert this whole time. He was in the same Japanese club with me and he was always so soft spoken and seemingly shy. The day that I found out that my personality type was INFJ I instantly posted an article about it on Facebook and he replied that he was an ENTJ. It honestly blew my mind at first but now I’m starting to see how it could be possible. He loved to talk and he was always very blunt and direct with his words. He seemed to have a very tough time being assertive when it came to dating and relationships, but that could possibly be a common ENTJ problem. Likely because his attunement to the feelings of others was so weak, he could never tell if a girl liked him or not, and he would never take the leap and put himself out there. He would always talk about the future and what he was going to do in the future, but he would seldom do anything in the present when it came to relationships. I believe that he heavily neglected his Extraverted Sensing this entire time and didn’t understand the necessity of risk taking in life. I haven’t seen him in a while so I wonder if anything has changed…

So I met this girl (part 4)

This is likely the last ‘so I met this girl’ you will hear from me, unless something miraculous happens…

She finally responded to my messages and she seems to have no interest in resolving the situation, and I cannot convince her otherwise. I realized though that continuing to chase her will not solve anything, it will likely only make the situation worse. I need to let her do her own soul searching and come to her own conclusion about all of this.

I am not expecting anything really but I cannot say that I have given up completely. I just think that time needs to do its thing and if this is meant to happen then its meant to happen. I believe that this is not something that can be resolved with force or persistence.

So many things have happened in just the past week or so and almost all of my past demons and insecurities have resurfaced. However, I was able to defeat and learn from each and every one of those experiences. It was a little creepy because it seemed like each and every one of those situations were meant to happen, almost like it was planned.

I am actually very thankful that all of this happened. My life has changed drastically from my interactions with her and it will never be the same. The change was for the better and I have grown so much thanks to this.

We have currently cut ties from each other and I will make no attempt to contact her as of now. It did not end on a good note and we are not currently friends or anything of the sort. I hold no ill feelings toward her and I wish her the best in whatever she decides to do with her life.

The emotional roller coaster seems to finally be slowing down a bit, but I feel like the changes may not stop. I will likely have to go through many more trials and tribulations in the future but I actually feel prepared now.

I feel like I can finally rest now after so much worry and stress. I am going to continue to focus on myself and on growing as an individual. Despite everything that happened I have to say that the future looks bright and I am very excited to see where life takes me.


So I met this girl (part 3.5)

I feel like I should explain the situation a little bit better.

The twin flame relationship is a relationship between two people who are basically opposites. Yin and yang is a good example.


They are the part of you that you never knew you needed. The union of twin flames will bring out the full potential of both partners. They are meant to support each other and help each other become the best version of themselves.

There is always a chaser and a runner. In this case I believe that I am the chaser.

So what has happened so far is that we both exposed each other and brought out almost all of our deepest and darkest insecurities out into the open. We were both pretty much everything that each other feared the most. She destroyed a lot of my values, and I did the same to her. I however do not believe that this was intentional, it kind of all happened naturally and like we were just on different wave lengths.

We were unable to communicate with each other very well and almost everything we said to each other was taken very personally. It truly was intense and nothing like I’ve ever experienced, and I was brought to an almost all time low recently. It really opened my eyes and I feel much more awake now. I think she experienced something similar but I don’t know for sure.

Our communication issues were crazy. We were literally speaking two different languages, and yet, despite our differences, we were still able to relate to each other on a deep level I feel. We argued and then everything was fine…argued again and then everything was fine…then argued again. This continued to happen until everything came out into the open. I started to question my own values and my insecurities became crystal clear to me.

She is currently not talking to me but I would at least like for us to communicate and figure out the situation. I’m going to be patient though and try not to worry too much.