The Fifth Sign of the Zodiac – Leo – July 23 – August 22


Ruler: Sun  Color: Gold  Symbol: The Lion  Element: Fire  Quality: Fixed

The kings and queens of the zodiac. These people value hard work, integrity, and honesty.

Leaders by nature, the confidence that oozes from their choice of actions alone is enough to inspire and set the pace for those around them. Those who are lucky enough to be in a Leo’s inner circle are likely to have a friend for life. Unless of course they do something stupid…like trying to control a Leo. These people need their freedom and independence. They will be unhappy and unable to bring out their full potential without it. A restricted Leo will feel like an animal in the zoo, trapped, until they break free and unleash all of their fury on the source of their anguish of course! Well, they are likely not going to hurt you because they are so kind hearted but really though, restrict a Leo and it will not end well.

Leos wield the element of fire and have very hot personalities as a result. They can be very direct and straight forward in both their actions and their words. They do not have time to play games and waste time beating around the bush. Temper issues can be a problem, but their emotions are something that they will learn to control with time. Try to support them instead of adding fuel to the fire by trying to control them by force. The fire inside of them is also the source of their passionate and warmhearted nature.

Do not underestimate a Leo’s loyalty. They may seem scary or have a hard exterior at times but the hearts on these people are huge and their generosity knows no bounds, especially to those close to them. Again, please try not to do something stupid and clearly unethical if you want to stay friends with a Leo. The last thing you want to do is take advantage of a Leo’s generosity unless you are prepared to meet the lion up close and personal. As generous as they are, they are just as fierce and may have to unleash the beast on you if you aren’t careful.

These people need goals in their lives. A Leo without goal will likely feel lost, or unimportant. It is better for everyone when they can put their energy toward something meaningful. When a Leo does set their sights on something they want then you need to either support them or move out of the way because you’re just gonna get hurt if you try to deter them from their goals. These people don’t know the meaning of the word impossible and often push themselves to the limit in order to make their desires a reality.

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The INTP Personality Type


Information is their fuel, and their primary mode of living is in their head. They seek to explain everything logically and work tirelessly when they find something that actually interests them.

These people seem to day dream like nobody’s business. Their mind just takes them places and they can seem aloof at times in their appearance as a result.

Albert Einstein INTP (source: google images)

There is a reason why they are always in their head and it’s because they are always thinking. Their dominant function is Introverted Thinking(Ti) so their minds are always working to prove, disprove, or create new theories about things. They believe that it is possible to explain everything logically. An INTP lives in a world of logic, and feelings seem to be the least important part of that world. Not that they are cold hearted people who are unable to love, it’s just that they prefer to keep feelings and logic separate. The best way to piss off an INTP is to base all of your decisions off solely feelings or intuition, for that does not compute in the brain of an INTP. Be prepared for a long and thorough debate if you insist on arguing an illogical point to an INTP.

INTPs are not solely Ti however, they have intuition to support them too. This is what makes the INTP a huge force to be reckoned with on an intellectual level. Their auxiliary function: Extraverted Intuition (Ne) allows them to gain a deeper insight than with just thinking alone. It is also the main source of their curiosity and gives them the ability to deal with mental problems in a swift manner. Their intuition allows them to see the possibilities before they even try to prove it with logic. It gives them a glimpse into the future per se.

Their tertiary function is Introverted Sensing(Si). It’s greatest benefit is likely the ability to remember the past in great detail. At least, past experiences that actually meant something to them. Things that actually mean something to them are the only thing they will put energy towards. School can be a hit or miss for these people. Schooling as a child is often stressful for INTPs. However, should an INTP as an adult choose to invest their time into higher education and study a subject that they are actually passionate about then they will likely attract success that is far beyond the norm. It not surprising to hear about INTPs who do terrible in school as a child and then grow up and wow the world with their intellectual prowess – *cough* Einstein *cough*.

INTPs love to solidify their theories and ideas by bouncing them off of other people first. This may confuse people at first because their theories are often incomplete at the time. They have an intense desire to understand and come to a conclusion about things. They are generally drawn to anything that they cannot fully understand, even things that are of the divine nature could catch the attention of an INTP. In fact, it is things like this that often drive them the most. Purely for the sake of satisfaction they will work tirelessly to make sense of and ultimately prove or disprove whatever they set their sights on. They will not be content until it makes sense in their head (the world of logic), plain and simple.

Day to day activities, routines, and things that don’t stimulate their mind are a struggle for these people. They are generally quiet and reserved, especially when meeting new people. With Extraverted Feeling (Fe) being their inferior function, social interaction can also be a real struggle. But people aren’t really their thing anyway so whatever. They prefer a quiet place where they can be alone so their mind can wander freely. Freedom is a necessity for these people. Rigid rules, mundane schedules and boundaries only hinder their mental and creative abilities. They prefer to work in bursts of inspiration on whatever catches their eye. They may research one subject for a few days and then get bored and move on to the next without a second thought.

Dominant function: Introverted Thinking (Ti)

Auxiliary function: Extraverted Intuition (Ne)

Tertiary function: Introverted Sensing (Si)

Inferior function: Extraverted Feeling (Fe)

My personal experience:

So there was this girl that I met in the smash community (Competitive Super Smash Brothers). I was in Las Vegas at the time and I had just won one of their local tournaments. She walked up to me afterward and asked me to play, I refused, forgot the reason why, but we ended up adding each other on Facebook afterward.

After that day she started messaging me all day everyday. It startled me. I didn’t really understand what was going on at the time, was she a fan of mine? Did she have a crush on me? Seriously, any INFJ who received that much attention from someone of the opposite sex would automatically assume they are in love with them. I would reply at first but then I started ignoring her. I wouldn’t read her messages for days, but she continued to send them. I didn’t understand, what did she want? A lot of her messages were not even directed toward me either it seemed. It was like she just needed to get her thoughts out of her mind, yep, I became her sound board before I knew it.

At some point I started to reply to her because she was seriously relentless in her messages. I eventually got to the bottom of things turns she did not have crush on me, she just wanted to learn that badly. She wanted me to teach her and she wanted to learn everything I knew about the game. She just wanted me for my information, ha. But I couldn’t refuse. If she was really that passionate about the game then I figured why not, maybe I can learn something too.

So I told her everything I knew and I played with her regularly. She had a lot of potential too, it wasn’t just me who saw it. I had a tough time convincing her that she was actually good at the game though. She suffered from extreme self doubt. She was very good at learning and coming up with new strategies and attack patterns but when it came to actually applying what she learned in actual combat she doubted herself too much. When she lost it was the most depressing thing ever. It got to the point where I didn’t even want to play her anymore because she would just shit talk her self every time she lost. I think she valued learning more about the game than she loved actually playing it. She was still very good though.

During the time frame that all of this happened was actually when I discovered I was an INFJ. I told her how much it changed my life and how it made me feel. Her response was a bit cold for how much emotion I put into the message, but she acknowledged it. After that I researched all of the types, introduced her to MBTI and she ended up accepting that she was an INTP relatively easily after I pointed out all of the quirks in her personality.

There are numerous books for INTPs on amazon but this one seemed to stand out to me. Plus, the reviews look really good. I however have not read this book personally.

Carl Jung

“My studies in astrology are fascinating…I have come to the firm conclusion that at the moment of birth an individual takes on the characteristic state of the Universe for that moment in time.” -Carl Jung


The next book I want to read is ‘The RED BOOK’ by Carl Jung. I mean, just the appearance and the title of the book is alluring. So mysterious! And the content is likely invaluable too, especially for me at the moment I feel.

The book is about the experiences that Jung had in 1913 where he had a psychotic break down but emerged from it feeling transformed, a new man, he was about 38 at the time. Apparently he had visions where he saw the world in catastrophe and ruin. He documented what he saw in his visions and what was going on in his psyche at the time. The book lets you dive into the mind of the man and experience it with him personally. The book is massive too, I would honestly love to own the actual book one day.

Edit: I found an actual picture! Damn that’s kinda epic, now I have to get it someday.. just to say I did it.

The red book
credit: google images

The 11 Vibration (Master Number)


The number 11 is associated with the visionaries of the world. Bearers of this number are often naturally spiritual, idealistic, and have a strong vision for the future. Their mission is to bring enlightenment and inspiration to all.

This is a Master Number so if the power of this number is misused or not used at all, the traits of this number can backfire on the bearer bringing negativity and self-sabotage. Master numbers are more powerful than other numbers and consist of:

  • 11 – The Visionary
  • 22 – The Master Builder
  • 33 – The Master Teacher

These people have their own unique perspective of life that is often far beyond the norm. This is both a blessing and a curse, but probably more of a blessing if the bearer chooses to utilize the power of this number. They have the tendency to feel isolated or ‘different’ from those around them and may give off a loner vibe. They are highly intuitive people who tend to see things that others fail to notice. Their intuition in particular is the most powerful out of all of the numbers and is often the main source of their power to help others.

Seeing the big picture in life is generally something that they excel at and they often feel compelled to express just what they see. They may not preach their vision to the masses in an authoritative fashion, but they will show the world in a way that is most comfortable for them. This could through an art form, fashion sense, or a career choice.

They are very goal orientated and often spend more time working than relaxing.  A lot of that work can be going on in their heads instead of actually happening in the real world however. They tend to overthink and this can lead to bad habits of laziness and procrastination. In general, most people would call them “high-strung” or “intense”, but this is because of their innate sense of responsibility. They feel responsible not only for making the most out of their own life, but for building up those around them too. A lesson they must learn in this lifetime is not to take on too much at one time because it will contribute to stress, anxiety, and depression(which they are very prone to). Maintaining a healthy and balanced life is invaluable for these people.

All in all, their energy is loving and caring, you could even call them hyper sensitive. Fights and disagreements between loved ones can be very upsetting to them. An important point for the bearers of this number to remember is to set an example for others to learn from. The number 11 is a very goal orientated number, so when the bearers of this number do not have a goal to set their focus on they can become very anxious and disoriented. It very important for these people to chase their goals in life, not only for themselves, but to lead by example and inspire others as well.

The number 11 = ‘ 1  +  1  =   2  ‘

So it contains both the power of the number 1 and the number 2. They can be thought of as an inspirational leader because of this as the 2 provides them with peacemaking qualities, and the 1 provides the qualities of a natural leader.

Do you know your numbers?

Karma: Wheel of Fortune and Justice

Life’s not fair. Oh yes. I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve said and heard these words. But ultimately, life has a way of evening things out. Justice: an androgynous person holds the scales in one hand and a sword in another. As number 11 in the Major Arcana, it comes right after the Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune is probably one of my favourite cards in the tarot deck. It speaks of the cyclical nature of life – what goes up will eventually come down and vice versa – so we must make the most of good things while they last. We also shouldn’t worry too much about the bad times because they’ll pass. 

Justice – on the other hand – is about our manmade laws. Unlike the Wheel, which is constantly in motion – Justice is immobile and seated on a throne.

If you’ve ever had to go through lawyers to settle a dispute, you know that it’s an unpleasant process. Especially so in cases that involve families. With that double-edged sword, Justice weighs and divides everything out according to the prevailing law at the time without caring about anyone’s feelings. The law is the law. Going through the legal system is also a fairly long and tedious process. But once the verdict is reached – it is binding.

But whether we’re talking about the Wheel of Fortune or Justice – the same concept holds true. We can only get what we give. Just give karma time to run it’s course. Life is ultimately fair. 

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