11:11 Do You See Repeating Numbers? Are You Experiencing Synchronicity? 2:22 3:33

Have you been seeing repeating numbers such as 1111, 222, or 333 on the norm?

Have you been experiencing a series of strange occurrences that seem too timely to be mere coincidences?

Well, you may have been receiving signs from the universe without even knowing it!


The term ‘synchronicity’ was created by Carl Jung, the famous Swiss psychologist who founded analytical psychology. These ‘strange occurrences’ are likely not so strange at all. It is just the universe trying to communicate with you the only way it knows how.

“Synchronicity is an ever present reality for those who have eyes to see.” -Carl Jung

If you have been experiencing synchronicity then it means that the universe is trying to tell you something…something important. Likely, it is the case that the universe is trying to get you back on track with your true purpose, whatever that may be. Or, it could be the universe trying to tell you that you are already on the right track and that you should keep moving forward.

If you really think you have been experiencing synchronicity then I advise you to trust your intuition. The only way to truly understand these messages from the universe is to understand the language. The universe’s favorite language is in the form of numbers. It would be wise to brush up on your Numerology in order to fully understand what the universe is trying to tell you.

Examples of synchronicity:

  1. Carl Jung’s example: One day, Jung was treating a patient who spoke about a dream she had the night before. In the dream she spoke of a golden scarab. The next day, Jung heard a ‘thump’ on his window. He opened the window and what do you know! There was a golden scarab. He brought the scarab to her the next day and she began to heal.
  2.  The most common experience: You wake up in the morning, look at your phone, and you see that the time is 11:11. You don’t think much of it at first, but the same thing keeps occurring morning after morning. You see the same thing 3 days in a row. At this point it starts to become creepy and that’s when you start googling the meaning of 1111.
  3. You may see numbers everywhere you go. You could be driving and see 3 cars with licence plate numbers containing 333. Then right at that moment you receive a text from your friend at 3:33 pm. You notice these occurrences and start to get a strange feeling inside. Don’t ignore this feeling, seek knowledge!

The repeating numbers and their meanings

1111 – This is an angel number. 11 is a master number signifying a heightened sense of intuition. The universe is trying to get your attention. If you are seeing this on the norm, it is likely a sign of a spiritual awakening.

222 – Dreams are becoming a reality. If you find yourself seeing this number on the norm, you should take control over your thoughts. Your thoughts are being manifested into the real world. 22 is a master number associated with the master builder.

333 – 33 is a master number. It is associated with master teachers, or ascended masters (great spiritual teachers who roamed the earth long ago) such as Jesus. It means that they are close to you now and wish to assist you and protect you.

555 – The number 5 signifies change. If you regularly see 555 then big changes are coming into your life. Brace yourself!

Keep in mind that synchronicity is not always in the form of repeating numbers.

For example, you may look at your phone and see 4:55, or 5:44. Let’s say you see these numbers very often and for 5 days in a row. If that’s the case then it is likely another sign from the universe.

4:55 = The number 4 in Numerology is associated with hard work. The number 5 is associated with change.

Let’s say you have been having money issues on your mind recently but you have been slacking off. This could be a message from the universe trying to get you back on track, telling you to stop being so damn lazy! Work and things will change!

Again, if you truly want to understand what the universe is trying to tell you then you need to learn the language. Learning what the numbers mean through Numerology is the key.

Personally, I have been experiencing synchronicity for a while now. I’m not sure for how long but I only began to notice as soon as I was introduced to Numerology.

So many experiences have happened to me that it’s not even funny anymore.

Waking up and seeing 11:11 over and over.

Sleeping soundly in the middle of the night and then suddenly awakening, coupled with a strange feeling inside. Then looking at my phone and seeing that it is 3:33am and my phone is charged to 33%.

I could really go on and on…

Have you been experiencing synchronicity?

Leave a comment below and share your experience.



The World of the Mysterious and Divine, from an INFJ Perspective

This was the title that I came up with when I first created this blog. However, I never really explained what the title meant. I suppose the “world of the mysterious and divine” part is self-explanatory, but what about the “INFJ perspective” part?

What is an INFJ perspective anyway?

Is it suppose to be different from the perspective of everyone else?

The World of the Mysterious and Divine, from an INFJ Perspective

We are all human beings and we all live in the same world. No matter who you are or what you are, there is no denying that fact. However, this does not mean that we all perceive the world the same way. INFJs for example take in the world via intuition. My belief in the “world of the mysterious and divine” is based on my intuition. I believe that this is quite abnormal compared to a vast majority of the world.

The majority of the world will see things like Astrology or Numerology and instantly dismiss them. This is because quite frankly, these studies do not make any sense logically. There is absolutely no scientific evidence to prove that these studies are true. People who only rely on logic will have an incredibly hard time believing any of this stuff. And that’s okay because we all perceive the world in different ways.

My intention from the beginning was to share my thoughts on the spiritual world from my own perspective. Recently, I feel like I have not been using this blog as I originally intended. However, from today onward I am going to get back on track. I wish to dive even deeper into the spiritual world, deeper than I ever have before.

I want to find my own truth about the world and strengthen my own spirituality. Then I wish to share my thoughts with the world in the hope of helping someone out there, somewhere.

This is the true purpose of this blog.

“The world of the mysterious and divine, from an INFJ perspective.”



So I met this girl (part 5)

It’s been a while since I’ve updated the story but things have changed. Here is the previous part of the story in case you missed it – (part 4). This is the story about the girl who I suspect is my twin flame.

I know I said previously in the story that I have no doubt in my mind that she is my twin flame but that’s not exactly true. I definitely have my doubts and my faith is not absolute… but I think there is really no other explanation to all of this.

About 2 months ago she did end up responding to my messages. I asked her,

“So do you hate me or something? Like if you saw me walking down the street would you turn the other way?”

She replied that it wasn’t that bad. She said that she has faith in me that I will grow and that she is in a selfish place right now and nothing good could come out of this. This was very relieving to hear, I mean at least we are not on bad terms and it’s good to know that she has faith in me.

However, since then I texted her periodically and she didn’t respond to anything I said. Actually the last time I texted her was just a few days ago. I really think I need to stop being so attached and remain independent. I shouldn’t think of silence as a negative thing because we are both healing and growing. My heart is telling me that I shouldn’t contact her anymore and that I should just have faith in both her and the universe. However, this is not exactly the easiest task in the world for me. I can’t even look at this blog without thinking of her because she was the one who inspired me to make it.

I really have an attachment towards her and it kills me inside sometimes. The moment she came into my life everything was flipped upside down. Seriously, my life has COMPLETELY changed since she came into my life about 7 months ago. I mean she has been in my life for years and I first met her almost 4 years ago but as soon as she introduced Numerology to me my life has never been the same…there is no way to reverse this and I have no choice but to accept reality and deal with it. I mean things have been changing for the better and I’ve been making some real progress in my life. And as much as it pains me sometimes I am really grateful that all of this happened.

I think I just really want to be in contact with her. I just want some kind of connection even if it’s just a friendship and it hurts that I can’t have that. The fact that I have this abnormal connection to her leaves me no choice but to believe that she in my twin. But nothing will change as long as I continue thinking this way. The only way things will change is if I accept the fact that we may never reunite, in the physical realm at least.

So now I just need to fully accept this and let go. Have faith in the universe and stop being so negative. Only then will things start to change. I am going to work on being more independent and focus on staying positive. Focus on raising my vibration, that’s all I can do now.



Numerology – Life Path Number 4

In Numerology, your life path reveals the traits and skills that you possess to make your life a rewarding one. By studying your life path you will be able to figure out the best way to live your life as smoothly as possible.

If perhaps you are struggling in anything from your career, to your personal relationships, then this is the number that you will want to take a solid look at.

You can calculate your life path number here —> Cafeastrology.com


You can calculate it yourself by taking a look at the example below.

First take a look at your full birth date.


Next, add all of the numbers together.

6 + 2 + 1 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 3 = 30

The sum of all the numbers is 30.

However, in Numerology you have to reduce down as far as it will go.

30 reduces down to 3. 30 = 3 + 0 = 3.

So your life path number will be 3 in this case.

Life path number 4

If your life path number is 4 then you have a need for structure and organization in your life. Not only do you need these things to feel sane, you will find that your greatest success will come when you approach things in an organized manner.

You possess a hard working nature and your determination knows no bounds. You are understanding, responsible, and cautious. You also have great respect for rules and authority. Not only that, you understand why such things are necessary for society to function. Rules and structure are your life line. If there are no rules in place then you will create some for yourself. You cannot stand being in a chaotic environment where the people do not even understand the meaning of the word organization.

Those who posses the number 4 are the builders of the world. You will approach life with a sense of practicality. Slowly but surely, you will make your mark in the world as you put in the work and watch the time you invest turn into something real and tangible. You work well by yourself but can also excel in the group setting as long as everyone is on the same page. 

Negatively, you may be prone to panic attacks when faced with chaotic situations. Change is something that you find hard to deal with because you are most comfortable when things remain the same and follow a routine. Be careful of your tendency to become too controlling because it can become a roadblock to your path to success.

Ultimately, your purpose is to turn your dreams into reality by using your structure based nature to build and create. Craft the life of your choice, and make sure you have a well thought out plan.

Numerology – Life Path Number 5

In Numerology, your life path reveals the traits and skills that you possess to make your life a rewarding one. By studying your life path you will be able to figure out the best way to live your life as smoothly as possible.

If perhaps you are struggling in anything from your career to your personal relationships then this is the number that you will want to take a solid look at.

You can calculate your life path number here —> Cafeastrology.com


You can calculate it yourself by taking a look at the example below.

First take a look at your full birth date.


Next, add all of the numbers together.

6 + 2 + 1 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 3 = 30

The sum of all the numbers is 30.

However, in Numerology you have to reduce down as far as it will go.

30 reduces down to 3. 30 = 3 + 0 = 3.

So your life path number will be 3 in this case.

Life Path Number 5

There are always two sides to each number, a positive side and a negative side. Sometimes we fall into the negative side and experience more hardship in our life. The negative side can make us feel depressed and lost. This means that you are not on track with your true purpose in life and need to seek change.

Positive side:

  • High energy
  • Adventure seeking and fun loving
  • Versatile mind

Negative side:

  • Trouble with self-discipline
  • Fearful and anxious
  • Depressing

If your life path is number 5 then you are a symbol for freedom and change. Your purpose in life is to show the world how to live by chasing your dreams and following your heart. Your freedom is of the utmost importance to you and you cannot stand being tied down. People with the life path number 5 simply want to live their life to the fullest. Common traits associated with this life path number include curiosity, hyper-sensuality, and restlessness.

You have lots of energy but it tends to be scattered in many different directions. As a result, it is common to have a strong desire to jump to one activity to the next. Be wary of this when you begin thinking about how you wish to live your life. You will not get anything done if you keep jumping to the next new exciting adventure without even finishing what you started. Discipline is the most important thing that people with the life number 5 need to develop in their lifetime. The discipline needs to come from yourself because you cannot stand being told what to do and how to live your life.

It is very dangerous for those who possess this number to be restricted. Sadly, it is common for those who posses this life path number to succumb to the harsh realities of the world. Instead of living out their dreams, they follow the crowd and let themselves be restricted. In this situation you will feel depressed, unhappy, and unhealthy. Be careful of this because many times those with the life path number 5 will have to deal with people who only want to tie them down and restrict them. This is the dark side of the number 5. Remember that your path through life is likely going to be different from most of the people around you. Do not be afraid to be different.

Life path number 5 careers should be exciting and liberal. Rigid rules and structure are the bane of your existence. It would be wise to consider a career path that will allow you to be your own boss and set your own hours. Entrepreneurship is a common path for those who posses this number and it might give you the freedom that you very much so desire.